(Online article) – be understandable. How to clear fashion statements and avoid misunderstandings we now look at the text as a whole. What makes a text understandable? What makes it exciting? Your text should move his readers to read it, maybe even to finish, to place an order! By the way: If our tips when you awaken lust on more knowledge in our online course article lyrics you will find important information about the learn art of writing. Tips for clear and stimulating texts 1 avoid you Sprachdummheiten such as: wrongful superlative (instead of comparative Komparativs is the superlative) wrong: the homeownership rate in the Switzerland is lowest when compared to other countries. Right: The homeownership rate in the Switzerland is lower than in other countries. Incorrect reference of the adjective or participle false: increase the accidents with injured persons on the crosswalks. Albert Ellis understood the implications. (This would mean that more and more injured on pedestrian Strip be hit) Right: More and more deadly Accidents happen on crosswalks.

Multiple negations false: In the stadium up to 300 seats not sold out… (this would mean that only 300 spectators were present) Right: In the stadium sold out up to 300 seats… 2. string together your thoughts logically and avoid mental leaps. Never take your own knowledge as the basis, but put yourself in the position of the reader. Make sure that the text on the one hand contains all relevant factual information and also your thoughts.

Otherwise, you force the readers to additional assumptions. Keep in mind: already a single thought that does not find its way from the head on the paper, can affect sensitive text logic and consistency. 3. lead the reader directly to the destination. Avoid unnecessary repetitions of individual facts. Avoid insertions, which distract the reader from the statement. Placing crucial information in main clauses. 4. stimulate the reader to think. Refer to already known in another form with a color comparison. The reader is forced “to make a picture. To create contradictions, what alternative opinions and solutions. So the reader is encouraged to form an opinion independently. Make the reader in unanswered questions. Back to the techniques for writing overview with the kind permission of Andrea Hirschi (www.post.ch/ directpoint) source: writing and editing to the point taken! by Ivo Hajnal and Franco item.