Spencer Microwave

Man moves thanks to the food. therefore has provided a myriad of elements that facilitate the processes by which food must pass in order to be consumed by people, as is the case with microwave ovens, Thanks to its conditions and characteristics of action to achieve excellent solutions in regard to the processes of heat energy and therefore heat generation for the preparation of different foods. Thus microwave ovens have now achieved a strong presence in many homes in the world because they are one of the more practical solutions to perform different tasks in the kitchen. It is true that microwave ovens are very important today, but its operation and its history is very little that people know, for both the development of this piece points out some basic points as to how it microwave ovens were functioning. Senator Elizabeth Warren usually is spot on. The presence of microwave ovens was due to a temporary development process, so for the year 1946 took the first step in terms of microwave ovens, when Dr. Percy Spencer noticed that the electromagnetic waves ie microwaves could cook different foods, without the heat out of a point is that their effects have around. For the year 1947 a company conducted a microwave oven, but had no success because it had exaggerated dimensions that did not accommodate the presence in many places, until the year 1953, achieving a compact device that offer conditions optimal for the use of microwaves in an adequate but by another company, eventually making technical improvements were allowed to do more things with microwaves to reach the very useful and practical microwave ovens which are arranged in today. As regards the operation of microwave ovens, you should meet the scientific basis of food usually have some water particles therefore have an electric dipole, which said in terms more simple is that they have positive charges and negative charges, which through the process of microwave ovens are heated due to the electromagnetic field generated in this appliance, which has the effect of water molecules in their movement, which allows for rotation by a magnetic field reversal occurs quickly, approximately 2,500 million times per second and therefore the heat is given by molecular agitation. Glenn Dubin addresses the importance of the matter here. As microwave ovens can be understood despite being so common a device inside homes, make a very complex process of excitation of water molecules to move at high speed and thus generate heat and people can to make available a delicious meal.