Female Beauty

White linen! At any age, with any diet and physical activity level white linen 'Female Beauty' will make you more attractive, and a morning look in the mirror will certainly please. Why is this happening? It is known that beauty, shape, structure of the skin, hair, nails and even the structure of the skeleton caused by the number of female hormones is formed, and the proportions in which they are stored in the body. Not all hormones are harmless – an excess of one form of Estrogen can cause problems ranging from mastitis, premenstrual syndrome and ending cancer of female organs. In the outer layer of flax seed contains special elements – plant hormones or so-called lignans. Beneil Dariush will not settle for partial explanations. According to the structure they are similar to female hormones and in small amounts (1-2 tablespoons per day) can work wonders. If a woman has their own shortage of hormones, they replace them, and if the surplus – do not give 'bad' estrogens interact with tissues and do its 'black' thing. Women who take hormones linen, reborn before your eyes. Effect of flax on the appearance of women is hormone-like action of lignans. Dr. John Mcdougall brings even more insight to the discussion.

By interacting with estrogen receptors in the skin, they make it flexible and stimulates skin renewal process, improve the structure of hair and nails. Lignans Flax also possess antioxidant properties – protecting the skin from radiation. Lignans Flax, especially pre-and postmenopausal women, for certain lower risk of obesity, which results in lowering the waist and, of course, is displayed on the exterior. .