False Promises Of Syed

Al Syed more and more moves away of the Racing and with him the hopes that it generated to his arrival to turn to the santanderino equipment in one of the best ones from Spain to checkbook blow. The Indian tycoon bought in January the club with a condition: the credit had to pay that had the organization from 2004. The public company Cantur guaranteed then to the Racing before the banks with seven million Euros and Syed was committed to pay it when it arrived. Last night, indeed, it concluded the term so that it paid the second term of that debt, of 1.350.000 Euros. New Jersey may also support this cause. He did not do it and today the Government of Cantabria has given an ultimatum him: or that amount pays before the 21 of June or it will clear the actions to him and it will give back his old proprietors. The Executive can do it because that was one of the guarantees that signed with the Indian in case this it did not fulfill the agreed thing. The exit of Syed of the club can be next. Source of the news: : False promises of Syed. .