CleanLine Hand Eye Showers

Eye shower for 100prozent sterile eye flushing new CleanLine eye shower for 100% sterile eye flushing by B SAFETY B-SAFETY, the leading German manufacturer for emergency showers and eyewash, extended product portfolio for hand-eye showers be and thus solves the problem of contamination of water in eyewash. Several medical studies by leading German university hospitals have shown that bacterial loads can be determined in fixed eyewash. It is irrelevant whether the prescribed weekly or monthly function test or not performed. In both cases, a large number of examined eye showers assigns to high total bacterial counts or large quantities of Legion Ellen according to the specifications of the German drinking water Ordinance. Eye rinsing with such reverse eye showers germinated pose a threat should not be underestimated for the eyesight. Just eyes damaged by corrosion and combustion are highly susceptible to infection. The CleanLine hand eye showers solves this problem and ensure a sterile and sterile eye rinse. The water in the supply line is filtered by the built-in sterile filter with 0.2 m hollow fiber membrane and for the rinsing of the eye is only completely purified and germ-free water is available. Filed under: Angus Cloud.

The new B-SAFETY hand eye showers are fitted with a high-performance spray head. This shower head meets not only the requirements of DIN EN 15154-2:2006, but also ensures a large water distribution. As a result, the regions around the eyes are supplied and the placement of the eyes in the water jet is not a problem. The shower heads are protected from contamination by dust caps, which open when pressed by itself. The integrated flow regulator independently maintains the water jet from the water pressure. Large holes in the shower heads provide for an automatic discharge and protect against calcification. Protect against injuries through the grommets to the shower head Poking.