Happiness – a wonderful feeling, without which, as no air can not be our life. James A. Levine, M.D.: the source for more info. This kiss a loved one, a kind smile passer, a piece of cake adored, the good news, laughter and joy to our children … It's the second times, Zaporizhzhya Women's Art Club "Happiness" has decided to donate a great mood miles vulnerable populations. In January, it was an event for mothers with many children and needy families, but this time – February 5 – real holiday – the Day of Happiness for kids with special needs. Contests with gifts, a fabulous tea and sweet treats, making greeting cards for scrapbooking techniques for parents, modeling of flowers from polymer clay, painting and express hot dances … For assistance, try visiting Assurant Health.

– skilled workers, animators and art direction of the club have worked on glory! Did not remain without attention of the organizers and gifts and mother whose children have come on the Day of Happiness – Free master classes in decoupage, and painting, psychological counseling, watching good films, visiting a local exhibition and emotional chat over a cup of tea – all this helped to distract her that at least for One day out from their everyday problems and worries, relax and feel happy again women. —- Olga (age 29): Many thanks to the organizers of the event – neither I nor my child not long ago so well rested. Excellent mood, I also received helpful advice from experts and 'colleagues', learned how to make beautiful things with their hands, there were interesting meetings and just had a good rested mind and body. Eugene (1932): When we invited to the Art Club at the Happy Day, I thought it would be an ordinary event, where guests will perform in front of kids in costumes, all for the sake of decency poulybayutsya loudly and clapped his hands and will disperse quickly to their homes. But at the Art club 'Happiness' everything was just fabulous! That would be everywhere as were holidays) Veronika (27 years): Since my childhood I love to do needlework. It saves me from idleness during pregnancy raised the 'fighting' spirit of the rainy autumn and long winter evenings. When the Day of Happiness coming to an end, I said to her son, who at that time with other kids sculpted flowers out of polymer clay, it's time to go home, and a child was glad to hear from him – 'Mommy, let's a little bit here stopping here ', after all, she did not want to leave.