Country House

Country House – build or buy? You are tired of living in the bustle of the city? But far away in the village as you like can not work? And the family is against it? There is no better solution than a private house in the suburbs! And here to see prices before you arise dilemma – to buy land and build a house yourself, or buy ready-made version? Let's talk about both. By the same author: Dr. Neal Barnard. Even in ancient Russia all the houses were built of wood with his hands the future owner. So why do not you do as did your ancestors? Undoubtedly the most to build the house will afford not to everyone. You must first select a site, hire an experienced engineer with builders every day to come and follow up work. But still purchase of materials, design … But no one forbids hired by the foreman, who will do it all for you.

There is one problem – it will fly you to the 'penny'. Read additional details here: Eva Andersson-Dubin. But there are undeniable advantages! First, and this is one of the main reasons his own construction – you plan your home according to your wishes. Agree, this dream of many. The second is the placement. Free-for-sale sites are much larger than the prefabricated houses. And when you buy, if you found a great house, it may be too far from the city and vice versa. We now discuss the purchase of a home. Home more likely to buy those who can finance.

This is ten times faster (or omitted to build from scratch, or omitted to come in, give money and you can enjoy life in a new home), and problems with recruiting suitable builders will not. So let's sum up. If you have experience in construction, it is possible to hire good builders and deadlines, then Choose the first option. Well, if you have a lot of money, and you do not mind overpaying (tested: the construction of average house will cost much less than buying the exact same) and do not want to work with simple plodder from Tajikistan you would prefer the latter. Source: