National Democratic Party

Its full entry into political life is profiled in these years, to become a member of clandestine organizations which, although unsuccessfully, they work in the toppling of Gomez, this’d be incarcerated at the dark of the Rotunda after the failed coup of April 07, 1928; then begins a tour visiting various Venezuelan jails as a prisoner until in 1932, by being in a delicate state of health, it is released (with severe restrictions). In 1935, (the year of the death of Gomez), appears his book of short stories La Aeroplana Chueca where highlights a sense of humor that years more later would become its brand in the writings with which he collaborated in El Morrocoy Azul. During the Government of Eleazar Lopez Contreras Andres Eloy Blanco performs its first formal political functions within the Government as Chief of Cabinet service in the Ministry of public works but as militant member of a political organization badly seen by the Government and after strong representations by the violent repression of demonstrators who were machine-gunned in the Plaza Bolivar in Caracas by orders of the Governor, he was appointed Inspector of consulates, intending to move him from Venezuela and official spheres. While in this tenure of new tragic events of kind political and repressive they shake the Venezuelan life and consciousness of the poet by which does not hesitate to submit his resignation and return to the country where collaborates and participates actively in the Foundation, in 1937, of the National Democratic Party which is postulated and finally elected Councilor and subsequently member of the National Congress. Between 1937 and 1938 publishes four books: the book of poems stone boat, the work of Abigail Theatre, a book of poetic proses Malvina recovered and Baedeker 2,000 poems; These would be, unfortunately, your recent poems published; in 1942, he published his book in prose seagoing and collapses in 1944 married Lilina Iturbe partisan political life absorbs it and away from the poetic production, because in his own words policy, therefore it forces as an art.