Casanova School

In today's society was formed quite ridiculous cult of romance. It was formed because of the hundreds of films that are like hotcakes Hollywood produces. Genre these unpretentious movies the youth romantic comedy. These movies are broadcast the following rule: to win a girl have to be dull, handsome, awkward but, most importantly, romantic guy. Only under such conditions the girl out of pity love you. Only this principle is an absolute lie.

Compliments to girls in verse – how to use, help create, to invent. This kind of letter I often receive e-mail. Immediately make a retreat and talk about amateur muffs. I do not like freeloaders. For some reason they consider themselves to be agile others.

What people expect when they write me these letters? Why should I waste my time on the individual, and for free? If they want something from me to get, they need something to give me in return, and give something of equal value. It's true. Let these people are looking for free lunch in another place, while up to them will not get that every freebie in the end turns more costly. Well, okay, this is not about them. Cult of romance sitting in my head most of the boys and men. All of them mistakenly believe that romance and its components as a compliment in verse, candlelit dinner, bouquets of roses is some universal key to the heart of any girl or woman. This is misleading. And many had just arrived in the Casanova School "requires a lot of effort to get rid of the influence of these socially accepted delusions. Just the greatest results can be achieved by starting to act not like it.