Philip Nerb REAL EQUITY Fund

The Bamberg Fondshaus has become Bamberg / Nurnberg an established provider of funds to the market. The PROJECT funds group has meanwhile 16 real estate development funds and thereby placed equity of approximately 130 million euros. With real estate projects, the PROJECT group has approximately 600 million. Euro accompanied. Prospect evaluators have the current fund k mi, invest report and Philip Nerb REAL EQUITY Fund 10 more under the magnifying glass taken. All analysts are convinced of the REAL EQUITY Fund 10 and give a positive evaluation. ‘k mi’-summary: PROJECT approach by focusing on the most profitable phases in the real estate cycle in the current fund with reduced cost a chance-oriented investment.

Thus corresponding risks are reduced by a series of security measures. Invest report: Initiator: extensive real estate experience and our own employees for all phases (market analysis in advance, buying, creating or restructuring, sales). Very convincing results of real estate projects. Previous deals the Fund number went as planned. Continuously growing group of companies. Prospects of success: asset class allows significantly higher results than long-term holding of investment properties. Diversification on several levels. Competitive advantages, allowing equity financing bank-independent action.

Already convincing exit strategy with the purchase of the object. Philip Nerb: The conservative concept convinces with a very good reward / risk ratio. The optimized cost structure represents a further plus point, as well the flexibility option of a reduced or partial payment after 5 years. The PROJECT Fund Group considers it its main task, on its core competencies in the field of real estate development to focus and builds on this the past successes of REAL number EQUITY. While Fondshaus opts for the particularly revenue-rich phases in the life of a real estate, in the new building (opportunity) and rehabilitation (value added). The financing of real estate takes place only with equity, to Foreign capital risks to avoid. Conducting a due diligence with exit include strategy for the PROJECT group before the purchase of any object. A participation in the REAL EQUITY Fund 10 is 10,000,-euro of plus 5 percent premium possible. The term is between 10 and 20 years. The specific feature lies in this participation of the possible variants of payout. The investors can choose either a. for a withdrawal of 50 percent of the amount of the drawing after five years or for a monthly profit independent distribution by eight percent.