The things most strange happen in the hospitals. I had a serious problem of health, certain vezfui interned in a hospital. I was during three days making there treatment to submit me it a surgery. In 3o. day I was for the table of operation to the 9 hours and alone I was to give account of me to the 19 hours, therefore I was anestesiado for 10 hours. They say that when I woke up I wanted to arise itself, for this all was moored.

How I would go to arise myself if all he was cut into pieces? But worse mine happened with a colleague that was in the room. McDougall Program: the source for more info. As soon as I improved, vi they had taken that it for the operation table. It would have that to make one enxerto in the right leg which was gangrenando had to an occurred accident. Then, it was for the calm table and until musiquinha cantarolava one. I remained lying. After one hour, they had brought the man they had placed and it in the bed. It slept for plus one hour.

Suddenly the man woke up, gave a pull in the bed and left muttering, but he did not say thing with thing. He was then that it looked at the potato of the leg. He was how much he was enough. The man gave one urro enormous. The other sick people had been all of opened eye, therefore the man was forto and he did not have nor a nurse there. In case that it invested me, I would be lost, therefore already he was dies and he does not die. the man cried out: – Cad the devil of this doctor. That is doctor or nurse? He only looks at the service that made it me. I came here to operate the right leg and it he operated me the left.

Certain Colleague

Exactly thus, the poet did not stop to dream in one day to find with its loved, studying in the same school, at last, to come back to be the possible maximum to its side, as in the past. Certain day decided to show to a classmate, one of its poems in acrstico form, where if it read in the vertical line the first one loved name of its perpetual one. Its colleague, in turn, begged so that it ' ' emprestasse' ' that acrstico, therefore, its namorada possua that one exactly name and it intended to presentear it knot day of the boyfriends, with something different, more romantic. The poet, exactly relutando a little, delivered its poem for the colleague, therefore, although everything, to see its dream to be carried through by another person fed each time more its dream, its inspiration. However, the paid price for its generosity with the colleague was not nothing rewarding: the poet discovers that its colleague accurately namorava its Monalisa, first reason of its existence until that moment, transforming its feelings of passion, ternura, affection and understanding at moments of hatred, anger and dissatisfaction for its proper burrice. He happens that poet is poet and its heart was molded to love, in the joy and the sadness. Analyzing all these tragedies in its life, the poet recognized that, at least it receives something that it never had courage to deliver it personally, that is, its poem in acrstico form, as a pure and sincere declaration of its love for it. Its only hope at that moment, or better, its only objective now was to find its loved and creating courage to disclose of a time for all its purer feeling of love. During its untiring ones it searchs, discovered that it liveed in a next quarter its mother materna she had delivered that it for adoption.