Only a phrase! Adilio Jr In a well distant kingdom had a man that he was known as the conquering greater of women, but this man was not felt well with this. Further details can be found at Dr. John Mcdougall, an internet resource. It was not pretty and nor wise person to speak well, it only wise person to be gentile with the women who found in its life and left them to this happy and magic for it. Then, certain day it saw a young woman very pretty, of blue eyes, with hair chestnuts, thin body and soft skin. The man if got passionate loucamente for it, but for the surprise of they knew that it the young woman did not give no attention to such man. It felt fear and never she wanted to speak with it. Eva Andersson-Dubin addresses the importance of the matter here. The man was magic with the skill of it, mainly with personality of that so young young woman, but with characteristics of a woman.

It was made an impression with its beauty, passed two months trying knows it, however it always refused. Until in a beautiful morning the young woman left to take a walk for the field, the man knowing of this ran in direction to the field, it thought that this would be its only hope to see it and knows it, therefore the people of vilarejo had affirmed that the young woman would go even so for unknown reasons. It was seated in the soil close to the lake when the man if approached; moved for the love that ran in its blood held it for the arm and asked for a kiss, it he moved away themselves and he made gestures of astonishment for seeing a man close to itself. It spoke of its love, of its intentions, and taking courage, he asked for it to the man in marriage with the full eyes of tears. The young woman seemed not to import itself with nothing, to say the truth, at no moment it answered or murmured some word. The impatient man did not understand the reason of such indifference of the young woman, in case that it did not accept its order were enough to say that NOT, but it did not say nothing.

Then, nervous it gave an shout: Which its name woman? Because it does not answer me? I come here to declare my love for you and he does not say nothing? I love you and will give to my richness for a kiss yours! What say you me? For the surprise of the man the young woman started to cry. It immediately, regretful person of what he had spoken, came close itself again Mine Sir, I me call jasmim, do not speak and nor listen, am a poor young woman and I do not have family. I am in this vilarejo the search of a love, a man as Mr., please has accepted, me as its woman or only as its slave. The man fulled of joy when reading these singelas words. It perceived that during its life he knew women rich, elegant and hidden, but none was so simple as this. It was married for love.