2 Similar Concepts But NonEqual Urgencies Medical Medicas And Emergencias

2 SIMILAR, BUT NONEQUAL CONCEPTS: *URGENCIAS MEDICAL *EMERGENCIAS MEDICAL In the United States he is own in some people to confuse these 2 concepts. Even though from the grammar point of view it can not have much importance, it has if it much and taken to the monetary plane, related with the occurrence of that unexpected situation with respect to the health. It is almost common therefore to confuse that meant they have both and as benefits to us or harms to be clear in these definitions. Endocrinologist addresses the importance of the matter here. What brings prepared that having Medical Urgencies we visited a with no need apparent Hospital and later surprise the costs of not going to the indicated place and of saving money to us in deductible copayments or. The hospitals in the United States are preparations yet the necessary equipment for both, that is to say for the Medical Urgency and the Medical Emergencia but he is not the same to visit a hospital that an emergency Center (Urgent Care). The Hospitals in the USA we must leave them for situations of Health of character more severe or it burdens and he is not " adecuado" for our pocket to visit it constantly. The Medical Insurances generally and all the policies and plans of health that exist, have predicted the medicine of preventive character. That is to say, You can be realised any type of routine procedure, as periodic examinations including the women for example control of mammographies (mammogram) and papanicolau (PAPsmear) and the middle-aged men the test of coronary prostates and risk, to mention some. What means that this one is one of the fundamental reasons of because paying a Medical Insurance in the USA, because the occurrence of Urgencias assumes that gradually you can anticipate any situation of health and diminish in this way and Emergencias Mdicas.Si on the contrary you do not have Surely Doctor your health goes to you to " sorprender" and you almost only have left to go to an emergency Center or a room of Medical Emergencia of a hospital.


The severe cases require hospitalization and the critical care. The owners of the cat would prefer care to the patient noncommitted, but he requires perseverance and desire to be successful, because there are no specific remedies of the home that will cure the disease. Mainly, the first article in its agenda, must be to modify the diet of its cat. Although the veterinarian is the person adapted to suggest the change, it chooses a diet of high protein value with the high product of the original calorie of the sources without proteins. It also consults to its veterinarian for the amount and the frequency of the feeding.

The symptoms of the disease of the liver in cats and dogs are often difficult to determine the point. In the majority of the cases, the diagnostic disease takes. Vomiting can demonstrate to be a serious problem if the disease of the greasy liver has progressed to the advanced state. It can require the surgical insertion of tubes in the stomach to feed and the homemade care. It down makes the food of consistency of gachas and furcelo through tube. You can add the oil of some fish to the food. He begins with small amounts every four hours and increases the amount gradually and he diminishes the frequency. Although 36 cc of food are enough to maintain life in the cat, would require more than that to help in the growth and the cure.

For the administered liquids you can initially require the aid of a veterinarian, but try you it enough, you can learn and you make same. The prognosis of both conditions is reserved, but only with persistent care and the regular supervision. Another homemade care that you can try you are to give to its attention and love to the cat by a pair of daily hours. If the cat is rejecting the food due to tension, will help in the cure of the anorexy, considered to be the primary cause behind the fault of liver in cats.

Costa Rica

If the person suffers of a significant overweight, she is recommended to become thin until ideal weight so that the results of the operation are the optimal ones. Abdominoplastia takes place under the local anesthesia effects and can require of several hours to carry out itself, which by all means depends on the amount of weave that must be extracted. As he explained himself previously, each case is different, reason why a patient can require one more an intervention more extensive than another one. Continuing with the procedure, along with the incision that practices in the part inferior of the belly of the patient, another one around the navel is realised exactly. In the case of abdominoplastia partial, the cuts are rather smaller and the navel stays in the same position.

After realising the incisions, the surgeon comes to retire so much the fat as the leftover skin of the abdominal wall, raising it in the direction of the ribs. Once the fat and the weave are cleared, the abdominal muscles are reduced and suturados together in such a way that they are fit and give to the patient one more a reduced waist him. By means of another incision, a new opening is created for the new position of the navel, which is placed in its new place using puntadas in the new skin. During this stage of the operation, any stria or present scar in the skin can be eliminated easily. Once finished abdominoplastia, the incisions are suturadas by the doctor and the belly is surrounded in gauze for its recovery. Later a temporary tube is placed, specifically a surgical drainage which serves to extract any fluid type of which it gets to be accumulated in the operated area, which aid to diminish the inflammation that an intervention as it is produces. The plastic surgeons recommend a period of observation of at least eight days during which the patient must remain in rest to take care of that the recovery takes of the best possible way. In some countries like Costa Rica, where plastic surgeries of cheap quality are realised and, the price of the operation generally includes a package of demurrage in which the patient can enjoy small vacations before realising treatment.

This way it can meet attractive the tourist ones another country at the same time as it improves his aesthetic one. If abdominoplastia is considering to be put under one, must take into account that the cost varies with each patient, thus before it must be examined by a plastic surgeon with experience which determines if this intervention is really appropriate if so. Enrique Castillano Novelist and interesting writer of articles on things that are in the Internet.

Gastric Bypass

One of the aesthetic consequences more disagreeable than takes place with the abrupt changes of weight is the appearance of scars in the skin well-known commonly as striae, that they appear when the elastic fibers of the most superficial layers of the skin are broken. Our skin has an amazing capacity to stretch and to be contracted. The elastina and the colgeno give to flexibility and elasticity and allow that when we raised or we lowered of weight the skin complies to the new corporal forms very quickly but in that process many elastic fibers are damaged irreparably. When this happens small marks begin to become visible that, when finishing healing, will be ineffaceable. It is important to prevent his appearance taking care of the skin and the corporal weight. PCRM is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

The striae are located mainly in the abdomen, thighs, sines and arms, places that are more prone to the abrupt strechings, and are not different from other scars. At first they are red, very fine and of smooth coloration. Although the doctors assure that the striae cannot be eliminated, during this first stage treatments can be applied fly that them imperceptible. Besides the application of hidratantes and nutritious creams, it is important to control the feeding and to practice exercise frequently. Following these steps the skin will become more elastic and healthful, and the scars will happen unnoticed.

If one does not treat them when they are born is probable that new marks arise. With time, the striae take a off-white coloration, which means that the layers of the skin already have healed and is no possibility of treating them. In order to disguise them launderer can be applied to a cream who will match the color of the zone. The surgery is the unique alternative that flock completely the striae, or are old or new, through the elimination of the superficial layers of the skin and leaving in the open a new layer that is not damaged. Nevertheless, in all the cases it is not necessary to resort to these processes. If after to have put under bypass gastric and to have thinned a great amount of kilos You feel like disconforme with the way in which these scars in their body shine, consults with their medical one on the best treatment.

Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo

Obsrvese that is spoken of the matter, which the old ones denominated substance. To set out the law concept is not easy but it is possible to be applied to the reality of the things, through the connections logics that the experience shows to us. We know that the law is a necessary foundation to the Earth nations, of having it soon the same the anarchy and the chaos would not succumb before. We enunciate some laws: The law of the contradiction: two affirmations cannot at the same time be true or false when we spoke of a subject. Example: Aristotle this seated and this running.

The conservation law of the energy: the energy when happening from a form to another one, does not disappear, nor is created, when a material system passes from a state to another one the change of his energy, corresponds rigorously to the increase or the diminution of energy of the bodies that enter and interact with the system. The law biogenetics: according to which each organism in the process of its individual development, repeats some characteristics and particularitities, of the forms that were adopting their ancestors during their evolution. Tree of Life Tai Chi Center follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Laws of Kepler 1) each planet moves around the sun, describing an ellipse with the sun in one of its centers. 2) the radius vector of the sun to planets sweeps equal areas in equal times. 3) the squared ones of the periods of planets are proportional to the buckets of their medium ranges to the sun. Explanation of the laws of Kepler 1) the planets do not move with uniform movement, around the sun, but they move quickly but when they are but near, and but slow when they are but far. 7 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo 2) we unite two positions of the planet in its orbit with the center that represents the position of the sun, the line that unites the sun with any point of the planetary orbit denominates radio vector.

3) when comparing the size of the orbits of the planets with time that they spend in giving a return Around the sun, that is its period, the squared one of this period is proportional to the bucket of the medium range to the sun. I consider that considering a clear meaning but of such concepts, it is much more easy to understand the theory of Anaximandro. This thinker like Such of Mileto were a practical man. Thanks to these qualities he is remembered by history. Ignore some of the theories of Anaximandro with the purpose of to occupy to us of its disciple Anaximenes. The interesting thing like physicists, mathematicians, Historians, Philosophers, literate, sociologists, biologists and chemicals, is the discovery of the truths that we obtained and we modified according to the errors of the same, so that leaving the dogmas it only is as we apprehend.