Moldova Country

Travelling abroad – is an integral part of the life of any citizen of the modern society. Travel can be a tourist, and the workers. Travel abroad usually gives a lot of bright moments and memories but there are some unpleasant moments. It so happens that you can steal the most important thing in leaving the country – the money and documents. What to do in this case? Where to go and who you can help? When this happened in entertaining trip, you can assume that just got lucky, because with this nuisance you will not be abandoned on its own.

All questions will be addressed travel agency, which aims to engage in planning and organizing your recreation. If you prefer to travel alone, or staying abroad in the framework of a meeting, need not despair. You best to call the consulate of your country in a country where you are. Almost every European country there are embassies of these countries as Russia, Moldova, etc. It would be nice to have had their addresses and phone numbers in advance. It requires thinking out of direct trip abroad. You will definitely be easier to deal with a reconstruction of the required documents when you come abroad for a long time and were able to register at the consulate.

Thus, if the purpose of your travel – work abroad, we strongly encourage you to register upon arrival. And do not try to get to work informally. Trafficking in human beings – this is one of the most serious negative trends in our society. In If the standard situation in the process of applying to the consulate where you will be told what to do and where to go, you need to carry any extra paper. If you carry on the trip had only main document is likely to require witnesses who can confirm your identity. Then you get a certain dock, which gives you the right to leave the country. Travelling with such a document you can hardly, but to get home, where to resolve the situation with the stolen papers will be easier – is quite real. In the course of the journey is important to think about this situation, if you suddenly find yourself without funds. You can secure your person on many issues, if you take to the road credit card or at least write down phone numbers of parents separately and friends. Because the embassy you will be able to assist a minimum. For example, a certain amount of money on the photo for a passport being replaced or suggest how clever to send money from your friends. Reliance should probably just to himself. In connection with this approach to the travel costs of seriously.