Today it is returning to agriculture and organic gardening as a healthy and sustainable production models. The effects of industrialization and intensive crops supported with synthetic products and much machinery, are being revised, owing to intense erosion suffered by the ground of this farming system that tends to run out quickly, and that coupled with the use of broad spectrum synthetic fertilizer and pesticides, end up creating ecological imbalances as well as too much environmental pollution. This is a heavily debated topic and generally affects large producers who must be a work that will be economically profitable. In our case we deal with in gardening and plant care, and although not large surfaces which we use, we should meditate on how we maintain our garden. It is very common to buy triple 15 and fertilize the lawn and flower beds, in many cases more than once a year, be fumigated with products that we sell wide spectrum which give very good results. Now We think if our neighbors do the same imagine multiplies synthetic fertilizer use, fungicides and pesticides that we’re turning to our eco system. Senator Elizabeth Warren is a great source of information. Unwittingly we can affect the environment as much as those producers who are concerned most on earnings than on the environment. Perhaps you think that my opinion is very exaggerated, since you always use these products in your garden and never pass anything.

Now I ask you does really not pass anything?. What happens is that the change is so slow that we don’t realize. Remember the amount and variety of birds that inhabited our area, do you know that you were? The reasons are complex, but one of them is the lack of food, clear with fumigation eliminate many insects that are part of your food chain. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dr. Neal Barnard. Another thing that we can remember, a few years ago groundwater to 4 or 5 m depth were drinking, today already are not. Initially blame the septic cameras but today this problem the chemical residues of fertilizers and the remedies we use joined him.

These they are simply two examples but we can enumerate and deepen on many more, which are intended to invite us to reflect on how to take care of our plants and gardens in a more friendly way with the environment. I am a proponent of organic gardening because today we have the knowledge and resources to take care of our gardens in a friendly environment. Some go even further and have had good results with synchronize tasks from the orchard and garden with the phases of the Moon, this is not my case but if you want to have an introduction on this topic you can download lunario 2010 for Orchard and garden entering our web site where you will find lots of useful information that will certainly know how to use. Note: The download link is active only for a short time and is a document in PDF format compressed into a file.


If we also resort to the absurd, let’s say an overweight person and one 120 cm waist (we go to one end). One month is dedicated to making daily abdominal mil. Nothing more. Or cardiovascular or muscular exercise of any other muscle, nor a good dietary behavior. Do you think that after a month you will have a WSP waist? Logically the rest of the body not be thinned nothing, since it will be untrained.

I think the only thing that will be achieved is a good back pain concluded. There is no localized thinning. Does exist the thinning provided (in terms of distribution) and progressive (in terms of time). Base: global exercise and good nutrition. Exercise the legs or abdominal muscles is necessary, but not more than the rest of the musculature. Therefore to work with them a couple of days a week is more than enough. At the level of health you will be covered, and on an aesthetic level it will simply provide you a more smooth appearance of the machined area.

By the way, the most important thing. Not bases your goals in aesthetics. We know that it is there, and today we cannot deny that it is important to have a healthy appearance. But look more at your health. Facing forms, each one has its own. You accept yours. He thinks that, as we have seen, if you’re wide pelvis you have all numbers so that most reservations go to stop there. Try not to accumulate this reserve, and boasts your curves. And please, do not use the surgery. It trains your conflict zones only a couple of days a week. Take care of your diet. And to love you as you are.