The Persons

Ideally, all are workers, even those with dependants the Organization of everything, but in reality this phenomenon occurs in very different ways, not only in the fashion industry but in all the existing societies in the world. The distribution of credits according to their work and contribution is not much less fair and equitable, but is a need for individuals who are influenced by the system, and thus comes to be with what they can comply without right to request nothing beyond, not so much for not wanting it but because they simply don’t know it. I do not know involve them in the entire process, being partial knowledge they have about what they are doing and the purpose that has your participation in this phenomenon. Taking fashion as for the socialization aspect or that it influences this, classes are all different but at the same time can be generalized in co-workers. Interests are related and the need is the same place that generally share an economic situation and a similar social status, identification with this same process is achieved to the moment in which fall into a common reality people with ways of thinking and similar searches for themselves and their families. Equally, buyers and consumers of the product of fashion, whether speaking of textile goods, Couture, designs or simply fashion for physical beauty such as plastic surgery, facial creams, beauty products, etc.; they are an important part of the system of socialization that carries with it this phenomenon. The phenomenon gives all the elements the individual to create a particular identity, depending on your taste and your purposes with respect to fashion will be the quantity, quality and quality of what they consume, and is also influenced by influenced by external media or personal interest. It is a means of socialization indirect, since the relationships which are established through the consumption of fashion are not of words or common social awareness, they simply occur by sharing an election, and consequently, a formation of private and social identity against the environment in which each one of the persons is located. .