Mesotherapy Cellulite

There are some substances that may affect the pathogenetic links cellulite: hypertrophy of adipocytes (xanthine derivatives caffeine, theobromine, etc.), vascular disorders (horse chestnut, gingko) overgrowth of fibrous tissue (mainly in a struggle with hypoxia, ie, improving the supply of oxygen to tissues, optimization of cell respiration). All vegetable ingredients that are anti-cellulite cosmetics – extracts of Centella Asiatic (gotu kola), coffee, cocoa and tea, brown and red algae (Laminaria japonica, L diqitata, L sacharina, Fucus vesiculosus), cola, guarana, ginkgo, horse chestnut, etc. – can be included in the mesotherapeutic cocktails. For respiratory stimulation and exchange of applied cell carnitine, coenzyme Q10. With mesotherapy, skin type, trace amounts of cocktail composed of anti-cellulite ingredients that slowly spread from the area injection into the surrounding tissue and, presumably, "melt" fat, tone blood vessels, reduce swelling, stimulate cell respiration, etc. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. Neal Barnard. This allows us to deliver all of these substances in subcutaneous tissue, and delivered locally, not extending them throughout the body. Since the serious study of this technique has not yet started, until you can not say anything about what its effectiveness, and to what extent its effect is determined the influence of active components, and to what extent – edema, occurring after the injections, and conceal the appearance of cellulite. Nevertheless, many practitioners aesthetists note that mesotherapy is one of the most spectacular means to influence cellulite, especially if the client agrees to make some changes in your lifestyle, schedule a day and exercise dramatically changing the diet.

We consider two cosmetic drug mesotherapy for cellulite control: Lipoles – the most advanced product on the market using mesotherapeutic ingredients that burn fat and tightens the skin. As a pre-mixed cocktail Lipoles contains the latest and most powerful ingredients that metabolize body fat and tone the skin for an application. Fosfatidilkolin – a substance that destroys fat, was originally used for the treatment of platelets in heart disease, it was later discovered that its use is safe, effective and inexpensive treatment for localized fat deposits.

Chinese Academy

And this poor osteoporosis already started to affect even more wretched humanity, and especially women who gave birth and reared children, and therefore, gave them their calcium. And, fatally hit harder and oncology. Deaths from Osteoporosis as a sudden popped up to third place after cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Molecular same calcium, we tried to stop the destruction of bone, with difficulty assimilating only 10-30 per cent, the rest mass of settled into our joints and organs in the form of salts come, bringing not only benefit as harm. Six years the best minds of the Chinese Academy of Sciences struggled with the creation of such calcium. And still have her. In 1993, development work has been exhibited at an international tender.

Many countries would like to purchase the right to manufacture it. Money offered more. America was ready to roll away, for example, $ 8 million. But China has upheld that right for himself. Production of biologically active calcium ion has been entrusted to the best businessman of the country. So formed Tianshi corporation, which in Chinese means the Flying Lion. Today its products are known all over the world. And its president, Lee Chin-yuan called the king of calcium.

Now the flow of the corporation are many types of calcium that is absorbed by 95-98 percent. This, above all, common Biocalcium. It is enriched with vitamins, trace elements and amino acids. Pleasant taste, he gladly consume both old and small. But for the old and created another small, special product, called the Children's calcium. In addition it contains vitamins and other large amounts of iron and zinc, needed for toddlers grow and strengthen the immune system. This calcium is recommended even for newborns. Mom sprinkled powder nipple, and the kids with the mother's milk soak it in themselves. And they have developed as it should – and teeth together in time and grow, and they begin to walk earlier than their peers, and talk. The same can be maintained in calcium and elderly parents whose immune system is also nearing zero.