Finland In the old tradition the bride goes home guests and collect the wedding gifts in a pillowcase. Male older the bride, holding an umbrella over her head, it symbolizes her defense. At the wedding party the bride wears on her head a golden crown. During one dance the bride wear the eye patch and its surrounding unmarried girlfriend. The bride should wear a crown on the head of one of the dancers girlfriends, whose will be a crown, and she will marry next. When a couple marries Norway, their neighbors and friends planted two pine trees near their homes on both sides of the door. This would ensure the newlyweds an abundance of family life. Norwegian brides wear silver crown with silver charms.

When the bride comes, amulets make sounds that should scare off evil spirits. Denmark In Denmark there is a tradition in front of the bride's house to construct an arch of pine branches and call it a "gate glory and honor. " The traditional Danish wedding cake – a "cornucopia" – almond cake decorated with marzipan figurines made of sugar, sweets, sherbet and fresh fruit. Sometimes a cake decorated with marzipan medallions bearing portraits of the bride and groom. Wedding cake the couple have cut together, it will bring them good luck. Poland Traditionally, parents offer newlyweds try rye bread, sprinkle with salt and wine. The bread symbolizes abundance of food. Salt – the difficulties of life that must be overcome, and the wine – the happiness and prosperity.