Nutrition During Pregnancy

Drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness and lethargy do not have to be faithful companions of pregnancy! The cause of these problems can become unbalanced, monotonous, impoverished and vitamins energy malnutrition. Add to that the aggravation of diseases associated with pregnancy (toxemia, preeclampsia, eclampsia, etc.) or chronic ailments (anemia, liver disease, gastrointestinal and so on.) – picture is bleak … But the quality and quantity of food during this period depends on not only the health of mothers, but also the proper development of your baby, its weight, brain volume and timeliness of delivery. (Similarly see: Camden Treament Associates). Note that if the entire During pregnancy you add less than 6.5 kg – this would be tantamount to a loss of fruit! As shown by long experience, despite the seeming simplicity of nutritional advice and a desire to fulfill them, not all pregnant women have a complete, balanced diet. In the process of malnutrition maternal organism is more likely to maintain their reserves than to supply the fruit according to his needs. Therefore, during pregnancy, food must be diverse and contain the right amount of essential nutrients.

What needs to be taken into account, making your daily menu? First of all what is now increased with your protein requirements, vitamin A, folic acid, calcium and iron, increased insulin secretion and snizalas plasma glucose concentrations, as well as changes in fat metabolism. Now it's your daily caloric needs is as follows: 25 kcal / kg + 300 kcal / day (for the kid), and during lactation to increase this percentage is even 25 kcal / kg + 525 – 745 kcal / day (based on the secretion of 600 – 850 ml of milk per day). In addition, very soon the little man a newborn will need essential fatty acids, which have must include in your diet (consisting of vegetable fats, fish, nuts, soy, etc.) – they affect the formation of brain tissue and the development of learning ability.