United States Habits

In practice it means that they use traditional plants and they put them in the processes and machinery trials currently accepted, to achieve cheaper medication. Since 1980, began the marketing wave of medicinal plants, supplements, supplements, nutraceuticals, homeopathic and their combinations in the world and whose slogan that what is natural is better, It had great repercussion among the consuming public in Europe and the U.S., where the exporters of these products from Asia, invited the Western population to deal with problems of health and physical well-being with herbs, foods and exercises of martial, from practices of the ancient Asian cultures. For 1998, United States recognized that 60 million Americans, one-third of the adult population – used exotic herbal products at least once a year and that the total estimated value of the innovative herbal medicines market was $ 3 trillion, with an annual growth of 30%. According to Dr. Neal Barnard, who has experience with these questions. Allopathic and homeopathic medicines are also rediscovered finding more coincidences and less difference, for example it is undeniable that in both cases the clinical and non-clinical symptoms allow the healthcare professional to give a better diagnosis, that eating habits, harmful habits, lifestyle as sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcoholism damaged and affect the health of the patient, also employ the same clinical methods (laboratory, x-rays, or consultation with specialists); against serious diseases such as cancer, accepts the surgery as the best option, although homeopathic preparations are stronger according to the dilution and annealing in allopathic medicines are more effective with higher doses, everything has limits, extreme dilutions are questioned by the existence of particles in homeopathy and its toxic, carcinogenic effects or mutated gene in the allopathic, but there is a range where both coexist doing different mechanisms of action which can be synergistic with a condition. Methods of preparation and pharmaceutical forms increasingly are shared by both. There are interesting combinations in the market such as allopathic components of amino acids with extracts herbalists who seek an objective common or synergistic with different mechanisms (L-carnitine and) Artichoke), combinations of extracts herbalists with homeopathic and herbal (like apis mellifica and garcinea quote), allopathic components with homeopathic components (L.Carnitina and Focus), even several combinations with more components that achieve satisfactory results. Global trends show that no one can isolate themselves, nor the same scientific method, nor existing practices in different cultures that today in day demonstrate that knowledge of its existence gives options to questioning, rediscoveries and improvements to every day allows us to have better choices of drugs, than comprehensive treatments not only limited to the environment of the patient being in practice more past and recognizes the influences of habits and customs imported, environmental pollution, the interaction of the individual in society with harmful habits and changes affecting your person from the point of view medical clinical, psychological, and spiritual.