Use Pathology

Among the variety of cervical pathology only very few disease treated conservatively (ie without surgery). In this case, perhaps the use of therapeutic laser. It’s believed that James A. Levine, M.D. sees a great future in this idea. But the evidence must establish a specialist in cervical pathology, because that's what it installs fine diagnosis. Normal gynecologist and even more expert in laser medicine should not influence the choice of treatment. The use of tampons with the same oils and nutrients such as honey are contraindicated in any case.

They accelerate the division cells, and the erosion healed, but the cells continue to divide rapidly, and this easily leads to tumor development. The modern method of treatment of cervical pathology – is it surgically removed by laser. Unlike diathermocoagulation, laser surgery leaves no scars on the neck, and shows the nulliparous women. This is the only treatment method that allows to remove the pathology under the control eyes at that depth, which is necessary, and This avoids repetition (recurrence) pathology due to the fact that it is not removed until the end. Pathology of cervical cancer is almost does not manifest itself.

Symptoms that require your address to a gynecologist: all allocation, but especially sukrovichnye and especially emerging after intercourse. Remember the general principle of medicine: cured those diseases that are just starting out or do not yet exist. Go to the doctor when you have nothing else do not care. Do not wait symptoms. The most common such situation: You come to my gynecologist, he says that you have erosion. Next, 2 options: if the erosion is small, it offers you a tampon with butter, if more – burning.