In line with vyshupomyanutymi legislation Square workplace pc user should be not less than 4,5 m2. The premises must be carried out daily wet cleaning and regular airing after every hour work. Noisy equipment (printers, scanners, servers, and the like), the noise levels that exceed regulatory, should be placed outside the workplace employees. Work tables should be placed in such a way that monitors are targeted to the side of the light openings to the natural light falling predominantly on the left. When placing the jobs the distance between the desks should be at least 2.0 m, and the distance between the lateral surfaces of the video monitors – at least 1,2 m workplaces of employees who perform creative work and requires considerable mental stress or high concentration, recommended to isolate from each other by partitions height of 1.5 m. The design of the desktop should ensure optimal placement of the working surface of the equipment used.

Surface height Wallpaper 725 mm, working table surface should have a width of 800 1400 mm and a depth of 800 1000 mm. Desktop should have a space for the feet in height not less than 600 mm in width – not less than 500 mm in depth at the knees – not less than 450 mm and level of elongated legs – not less than 650 mm. Construction worker chair or the chair should ensure the maintenance of sound working posture and allow the worker to change position in order to reduce static muscle tension neck-shoulder region and back. Swivel chair or chair to be up-and-swivel, adjustable height and angles of inclination of the seat and back, as well as the distance back from the front edge of the seat, and the adjustment of each parameter should be independent, easily implemented and have a secure fit. Keyboard should be placed on a table surface at a distance of 100 300 mm from the edge facing the user, or on a special surface separated from the main tabletop. The monitor screen should be on the user's eye at a distance of 600 700 mm, but no closer than 500.