Amsterdam Gay Pride 2009

Amsterdam gay and not only! Once the year is Amsterdam to the center of gay culture in Europe: thousands of homosexuals go to Amsterdam to participate in the Gay Pride. Normally, the gay – Lesbenfestival takes place on the first weekend in August and lasts 3 days. The Festival is also ‘ Gay Canal parade ‘ called. Get all the facts and insights with United Health Group, another great source of information. During this parade are around the 100 boats, floating brightly decorated through the canals of Amsterdam. This year the parade of 31 held July to 2 August. This is the event of the year in Amsterdam! This year is the fourteenth time that Gay Pride in Amsterdam will take place.

This event attracts some 350,000 people and tourists to Amsterdam. Christopher ridgeway has many thoughts on the issue. Three days parties and festivals in bars and clubs in the Centre of Amsterdam take place. On the day of the Gay Canal, the streets of Amsterdam are parade to a big party scene, where is danced and celebrated. There are here on bare skin and hot atmosphere, and it’s not just the summer weather. Little girl will get here certainly big eyes: you can see not so often hundreds of well-built men, that single piece of clothing which is only a towel around his waist. These parties are not only for homosexual men, there are also many boats with lesbian girls.

Dance on every boot ‘ easy ‘ dressed girls and boys to the techno music and Amsterdam seems to be a huge Club. Many non-gay decorate their boats and celebrate in solidarity with. The Government also welcomed and visited this parade to support the movement and to fight against discrimination. The goal of the Canal parade is to show the public how wide and colorful is the homosexual community in the Netherlands. In addition to boat-parties, where they observed men and women in extreme outfits, you can see the boats from the Government of Amsterdam with the Ministenr, which is open. Also priests and church people take part in the parade. Amsterdam is open to the gay scene, not only during the parade, there are a lot of clubs and bars, where you really have fun z, B Cocling, Club exit, Club Roque and Club stereo. If you want to visit one of the famous gay parties, go to the ‘Turkey’ Club, (the whore), the party takes place every Saturday. You will find in the Bilderdijkstraat 165. In addition to special bars and clubs for gay, there are many places that are friendly to homosexuals. Here it is not divided: there are many mixed parties, which are very popular. Vreemd is one of these parties (weird) at the Club at the sugar factory. Vreemd there are weekly, monthly, there are special party – extra vreemd (really funny) with weird DJ’s. Do not forget this address: Vreemd Lijnbaansgracht 238 another good party, visit is: Zonde in the Club Paradis on the Weteringschans 6-8, and for those of you who are boys looking after the European escort, you can the bar music box, Paarden straat 9, recommend. Tips about the homosexual life after getting an information kiosk for homosexuals and lesbians in the ‘pink point’ (on the Westermarkt, Keizersgracht). In addition to the ‘pink point’, find the Homo monument, a monument to homosexuals. It is located in the vicinity of the Anne Frank Haus, as a symbol of tolerance in the Netherlands. Good travel wishes the!