California Professor Zhang

5.Pri achieve full peripheral concentration of iodine increases the protection of DNA from radiation and carcinogens. Iodine has the property of the programmed destruction of cancer cells (apoptosis). 6.Yod displays the body of heavy metals, aluminum, cadmium, lead, mercury and radionuclides. For assistance, try visiting Rick McKenney. 7.Yod increased urinary release of fluorides, bromides and chlorides – strumogennyh (toxic) metal halides. 8.Ni a virus, bacterium or the parasite can not resist the iodine. 9.Yod removes fibrotic disease and breast prevent cancer.

10.Yod lowers blood sugar in diabetics. 11.Prakticheski 90% of the world's population is in critical condition iodine deficiency. University of California Professor Zhang has used non-radioactive iodine to elemental attacks of various cancer cells. Iodine caused apoptosis (programmed destruction of cancerous cells or dyuktal-cell infected with a virus) in more than 95% of cases. Perhaps it is the quality of iodine is currently the most important. Nobel laureate Albert Giordzhi Szente, who discovered vitamin C, said: "If you do not know where, what and why, register iodine." He consumed daily, "his favorite iodine" in the amount of 770 mg and enjoyed excellent health and lived 93 years. Click stone clinical laboratories to learn more. In 1982, the University of New Mexico published his findings (THE MECHANISMS of POLIOVIRUS INACTIVATION BY CHLORINE DIOXDE and IODINE), which presents proof 100% inactivation (destruction) of iodine polivirusov RNA level.

In the world today there is no drug that could operate at this level. Today we can with certainty argue that iodine is the most underrated and the most effective and safe nutritional panacea that would overcome the health care crisis. It is clear both that the WHO recommendations and standards restricting the use of iodine in medical practice is a profound mistake or a well-planned conspiracy. If they want to see our world full of sick and zombified people surviving on antibiotics and toxic drugs, we must resist it! With respect, Professor G. Abrahams. PS American Professor G. Abrahams – endocrinologist, obstetrician-gynecologist, winner of the Canadian Association of Clinical Chemists, Honorary Member University of Liege, Belgium, winner of the Pharmaceutical Committee in Sweden. But in the meantime, we may have to emulate the Japanese and to increase our iodine intake, if not with seaweed, then with Balsam "Rebirth." MTI medical 07/12/2006