David Gonzalez

Bioethanol has many uses: for example, is used as bio-fuel in gasoline engines, since it allows a better combustion to increase the rate of octane mixture, as fuel for heating fireplaces and boilers or even as fuels for greater performance Enhancer. The ecological advantages of bioethanol are many and contribute substantially to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For example, to replace a litre of gasoline with bioethanol emissions of these gases is reduced by 60%. In a question-answer forum endocrinologist was the first to reply. A single hectare of beet absorbs equivalent to the annual emissions in CO of 10 cars. Also, consumption of biological fuels as ethanol replaces other energies exogenous and problematic, as the fossil and nuclear. Perhaps check out christopher ridgeway stone for more information. Waste produced in the preparation of biological fuels are also much less harmful to the environment and represent one lower risk of biological or organic pollution. So use bio-fuels, even on a small scale in households, along with the small green of the citizens, will significantly contribute to the protection of the environment. Heating of households is the domestic action that has greater environmental impact.

In this sense, many Governments and environmental organizations recommend a more rational energy consumption in households using household appliances cleaner, such as ecological fireplaces or bioethanol fireplaces, so, as I said the philosopher Descartes in the 17TH century, we can find a practice whereby, knowing the strength and the actions of the airof the stars, of heaven and of all other bodies that surround us, we can use them in all applications you own () to be primarily for the preservation of health, that is, without a doubt, the first good and the basis for other goods of this life. David Gonzalez-Company is a writer, journalist, educator and translator and has lived in several countries in Europe, North America and Africa. David currently resides in Marrakech, where he works, inter alia, in the field of tourism with companies as it is.