The learning in the half liquid for babies is not only contained in the fact that the child learns to swim, but with certainty another great benefit the drive of the psicomorfolgico advanced method of the child, that is, assisting the development of its psicomotricidade and fortifying the beginning of its personality (DAMASCENE, 1997). Use of the two conceptions of the psicomotricidade in the lessons of swimming for babies (methodology) When analyzing this category is observed that 5 of the professors of this research use the two lines of the psicomotricidade. Professor 1 exactly working with the two lines, it prefers to work with the relationary one when if he deals with pupils babies, exactly that some schools and parents believe the traditional model, because these want guided lessons and that the learning is with immediate method. Already professors 2, 4, 5 and 6 work with the two lines, but at different moments in the session. in example terms all the professors had agreed to distributing some types of toys and materials and leaving the children to explore these. Stone clinical laboratories may also support this cause. But professor 3 uses the functionary, therefore in its lesson he works at a first moment with the development of the general movements (adaptation phase) and at as the moment the specific movements of the nados ones. Referring to the answers of the professors on this category, Custdio (2009) quotation that does not import which will be the choice between the two conceptions, the essential one is to consider to the child convenient stimulatons so that it succeeds the psicomotor total development.