Foundation Mind

Remembering and acreditadamente his Power, Independence, Right, Humility and Great power that it demonstrates for the capacity necessary to be able to assume and to support the attempt stoically to use it with more than 25 million systems, techniques, panaceas, geniuses and million abbreviations and concepts, to arrive at his unique and definitive property it stops to decide on she herself. You Are exhausted for this reason, you accede to torture it with his endless panaceas with which they try to manipulate in a Bottomless sea of innocuous pretensions (I reiterate), in unattainable, the straight unique one, exclusive and definitive to be able that " patentiza" in order to decide by itself. He illuminates your space. Exclusively the Power of your Mind will be able to change your life, to change your thoughts, your concepts, your illusions, your objectives, but irreversibly your Mind has next to you the Power to locate the quality of Life that you have arranged to have, because next to her you formed in your daily learning of your days of life, the concepts and thoughts that have forged your conscious life. It is your Creation, Foundation, Institution and establishment of the mutual and which had respect. It remembers, your mind, your subconscious mind and your brain, they unite interacting in creating your unnecessary Consciente.Es Life to use supertechniques that seem or considered appropriate, merecindote the complicity acquired with her.Evidently it is necessary to create a quality indicator, that for example considers like its genetic inheritance in its days of life, that represented an index truly significant to take a good control of the advances that is realising in the examination of your mind and quality of life, since you will be freeing the functions and activities from your Mind and Brain, distributing them, ordering them to your ensured success and personal balance. The Power of the Mind enjoys the deserved respect at the moment that must to him, and necessarily it was understood kindness of its force and exclusive feature to change and to define your own life. .