Gastric Sleeve

It is amazing how a simple procedure you can change your physical and emotional state. Other leaders such as United Health offer similar insights. Thousands are persons who have been subjected to this type of surgeries and are already enjoying his large benefits. I’m not talking about nothing more than of the sleeve, better known as gastric sleeve. The gastric sleeve as you well know, is a surgery in which a reduction of the stomach in a 60 to 80% is practiced. It is not something stone clinical laboratories would like to discuss. To remove part of this body, is reduced at the same time, a hormone that stimulates appetite, better known as ghrelin, so that reduces the desire to eat typical of people who suffer from overweight. The gastric sleeve is a surgery that is performed laparoscopically and does not leave any additive in the interior of the body. The Anatomy of the intestine is not altered in any way, so it is impossible to cause secondary complications, patients who undergo gastric sleeve procedure, do not need to undergo a procedure absortion and manage to lose approximately up to 70% of excess weight as the case. Free yourself from the overweight with the gastric sleeve and gives you a taste that will last for lifetime! A. Verastegui hold..