Hair Transplantation

Modern hair transplants between Orient and Occident hair transplant: expressed somewhat more complicated must be determined before a hair transplant first first what kind it is hair loss. Is the cause due to hereditary, a Turkey hair transplant can take place. Then it is to design the new hair line and determine the recipient scope. Only hair you want to forward or will be planted in the tonsure? At the beginning of the treatment, shaved the hair first and stunned the Cleanout area locally. Then the hair be taken individually or at a time from the back of the head area.

After have been prepared the hair under a high-resolution microscope and stung the reception opening for the tiny hair grafts, these can be implanted. You can see the real bottom line it takes approximately 12 months. Androgenetic alopecia: this medical term stands for influencing hair loss. Also known under the name of hereditary or genetic hair loss. He’s one so that Hypersensitivity to a particular hormone ver or inherited, which is responsible for hair loss.

Androgenetic alopecia usually starts in the temporal areas and slowly spreads to the whole head. Only a wreath of hair is often present. Schuetzenverein hair are immune to the hormone and remain so without damage. For this reason, donor hair obtained also from the back of the head area. Hair transplant Turkey: Turkey is now a stronghold for good and affordable hair transplants. Many foreign patients in the country on 2 continents flock each year to undergo a hair transplant in Istanbul. This, especially the low costs play a major role. For a hair transplantation in Turkey many times is often cheaper than in many other countries, such as Germany, United States, and the Western European countries in General. In Turkey, the big clinics or in smaller clinics, hair transplants are the located on Hair surgery conducted specialized. There are 2 different techniques used to remove hair in Istanbul / Turkey. The FUT Strip harvesting or the r & d single removal. Both techniques lead to good and natural results, forming the latter no scar, because the hair be removed individually with a small needle. At the older FUT method, however, is a piece of oblong, covered with hair, skin surgically removed. After the wound must be sewn to of course and it left a scar. For this reason, the FUE hair transplant is preferred Turkey more and more men. Istanbul: The metropolis is a popular destination with tourists and now also as a popular destination for health tourists. With nearly 500 hospitals, numerous private hospitals, Istanbul is also highly qualified doctors and medical professionals on the way to becoming the Mecca for medical tourism. Turkey and Istanbul is known in particular for eye laser surgery. The tourists come mainly from the following countries and regions: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Scandinavia, Belgium and the Netherlands. Who can become free of prejudice and is willing to look beyond his nose will get a cheap and high-quality medical treatment in Turkey. It is for example a hair transplant Turkey or LASIK surgery.