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You can believe that I am speaking of a gastric bypass surgery, but you’re wrong. On this occasion I shall discuss the cardiac surgery also known as bypass where basically seeks to prevent clogging of the arteries surrounding the heart. The bypass technique consists in the liberation of those arteries that are partially blocked and this process is performed using synthetic materials or segments of other arteries or veins and is how normal circulation is restored. In this type of bypass what happens is that the extreme part of another vein or artery is taken to attach it to the artery aorta and thus achieve a blood supply beyond the obstruction which had. The first coronary bypass in the world, was performed in May 1960, in the hands of the doctors Robert Goetz, Jordan Haller and Ronald Dee Michael Rohman at Albert Einstein College of Medicine-Bronx Municipal Hospital Center. Coronary bypass or myocardial revascularization surgery revolutionized the treatment of coronary atherosclerosis. The most common symptom of patients requiring coronary bypass is chest pain that occurs gradually and that allows the cardiologist to request a nuclear medicine study. With this study called SPECT, you can see the seriousness and the extent of the disease. A.