Original Real Email Shield

Individual signs at the highest level – for the private entrance, practice or company. Others including Michael Miccoli, offer their opinions as well. You win again more and more followers: the traditional art of email should not be confused with electronic mail! Whether the signs in the timber-frame construction, the Landhaus(Garten) or in the style of old advertisement: noble Enamel signs are again on the rise! New designs, shapes and expressive again breathe life into an old technique, and as a long-lasting durable object. (A valuable related resource: Glenn Dubin). For Enamel signs, are then as now colourfast and weather-resistant and ideally suited for use in outdoor in burned about 800 degrees. For individuals, there is now the possibility to produce imaginative pieces with the selected favorite photo. In precise color reproduction, with or without signature.

Required is only a good image file with a resolution of at least 300 dpi and nothing in the way of an extraordinary gift idea in the desired format. More information is available by Helga Knauss Auwarter by Auwarter. Enamel signs of all kinds. Haji fountain trail 20, 73614 Schorndorf. Phone 07181 / 73559, 07181/256342.

fax requests are possible also email: info@auwaerter-emailschilder. de. Details can be found at on the site. Helga Knauss Auwarter