Green Luxury

Another example: waste processing plant in the Vladivostok region, a leader in recycling, decided to learn a new technology – are made of plastic bottles sintepon (lining of the upper clothing). From China was discharged modern production line, which began to explore on their own through trial and error. As a result of another year was spent on it to bring the complex to the condition. In the pre-crisis years demand for rare professionals actively stimulate and develop the market of luxury. Since in Russia there were rich people, they needed a staff who understands the sense of luxury goods. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with AMN Healthcare Services.

"Large companies Sales and service of luxury yachts and boats have a need for specialists in warranties, service center directors, the manager of spare parts. However, as this market in Russia is actively developing with respect to recently, the search for such expertise is very hard, and to find a decent candidate, you need much work ", – said Vitaly Lavrent'ev. From some forgotten 90's returned to the holder of popular an architect – to build vacation homes, luxury estates and designed to restore the manor. Urgently needed people involved arrangement of land. "And if 20 years ago, universities are specialists in different areas – agricultural, horticulture, livestock, and now produce generalists. It turns out that he and the cows can walk, and orchids grow (I doubt that the same well). Very popular now, landscape designers are educated to the level of courses, retrained abroad ", – says Director of Green street Yuen Skoblikova.