Beach Clubs – Heaven

show the first rays of sun on it already: The summer is coming! Like last year Beach Club THE place for sunny days and balmy summer nights will be. would like to take this to anyone who can enjoy in deck chairs or beach chairs chillig the sun and take one or the other ice cold beverage. Why go away? The 'Bacardi-Feeling' will be experienced in the immediate vicinity of the residence. (Similarly see: Kaitlin Stilwell). Even for active, even in the sweltering heat just do not want lying around there to do something with beach volleyball or other beach games is also provided for this group. After the effort to invite a paddling pool to cool down.

For your physical well-being is usually caused by barbecues and buffets. Evening meeting in the Beach Club and then the party people. With stylish and trendy lounges DJs of the Beach is the location to celebrate. Long beach clubs there are no longer in the usual places, such as, for example, the Elbstrand in Hamburg, but this idea becomes independent. Whether in parks, parking lots or on private also in the city park anywhere they are found. Jack Salzwedel has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Really good boss load their employees on Friday afternoon to a little barbecue in their parking lot. You get the good mood of the staff if they have to sit in good weather to work in their offices. Meanwhile, real specialists have developed to bring this service to your guests. Either you are only renting the furniture and makes provision for the establishment or you can do everything for themselves and thus brings the holidays to your home.

Favorable Wind

Implement beautiful ideas are always interesting. And, as a rule, is not easy. Twentieth anniversary of ‘Protec’ we (CTRL-event) decided to make us, with characteristic sense of style and elegance. Of course, that occasion more than serious. By this, variants of the holiday was invented quite a few.

Developed the concept, estimates were counted. Until you come to the only true concept on which he stood. “Symphony of a favorable wind.” Based on the Symbolism and tasks, this is a poetic name display correctly the meaning of the anniversary corporate events. The concept was to emphasize the symbolism of the anniversary year of the official and business Features Group of Companies. (The power of the icebreaker and the elegance of a sailboat.

Reliability of the move. Easy to slip and wish good luck.) And also a few surprise guests holidays unexpected details and beautiful elements. And I must say that their was enough. Ice Arena Mytischi has become a platform for the implementation of this conceptual idea. Two months of preparatory work. During this time we came and removed the corporate greeting film. Come up with a topical laser spot, have been taught to sing in chorus and 60 “made the chorus sound,” developed in detail the mechanics and sequence of all procedures and events of the celebration. With the help of a ballet on ice, Color Ice thought out and implemented a thematic statement divertissement. It so happened in our country recently, “Where is the ice – there stars.” Stars on Ice have been members of the above Color Ice, as well as world champions in Figure Skating Alexei Tikhonov and Maria Petrova. What can you say, Assistant Director-General CV Protek Pavlicheva Vitalievna Nina, who acted as co-lead celebrations for the opening of the program “went on the Ice” duet with Alexei Tikhonov than just “blew up the hall.” Of course, such a bold step was worth some preparatory rehearsal period. But rehearsals with Alexei Tikhonov, were the exclusive pleasure. In fairness it should be noted that all members of leaks, which had an opportunity to participate in the preparatory period (recording, rehearsals, studio work) received a proper positive energy from the process. Right say that “the expectation of a holiday – more than the holiday itself.” Giving positive staining rehearsals – it is also our job. And we can safely say that coped with it. Corporate event, which brought together prominent employees and guests, was built entirely as a conceptual representation. And the unexpected discovery of an elegant and video materials, and technical equipment, and the ceremonial part, and staging the show, and even the buffet – Have been conceived as a harmonious part of the overall production. The holiday ended with a photo shoot with the stars, the performance of special guest artist Inusa Dawuda west and a two-level disco. Disco on the dance field and dancing on ice to the public holiday guests! Disco on ice, under quite a summer music – certainly contrasts. But interesting. Exquisite. Inusa Dawuda, whose performance was completing a program of celebratory evening, joked: “I came to Russia and was ready for the cold. But I never imagined that I would have to work on such a large and beautiful refrigerator. ” By the way, the temperature in the arena was kept around 24 degrees above zero and grew in direct proportion to the heating passion and emotion on the court. See photo report in the “Projects”.