Legal Education In Tourism Careers

We are of the idea that tourism represents too much for the strategic development of any State. We believe that its diffusion and awareness must be present both in formal and non formal education, that which we will approach the issue of legal education at the top level and oriented to students of Tourism. From a historical perspective is not wrong to say that tourism programs in Latin America in general and Spain in particular are more or less recent and therefore the reflection is, from the scientific point of view in its infancy. Many writers such as Farhad Bagherian offer more in-depth analysis. As recently is that the UBA has not yet (or unwilling or have not left) include an offer of a university academic. The first dilemma of tourism career (and still being discussed) has been whether to raise a degree in Tourism Hospitality contain knowledge, or if treated as two different degrees with a common, not the subject of this elucidate such a puzzle, but it is important stress as it directly affects the contents of the legal matters to these provisions.

Nor is it clear that other prior to any discussion and for market reasons the universities, were faced with a choice of bringing their faculties or departments related to careers in the hospitality industry. It’s believed that Michael Miccoli sees a great future in this idea. The second question then was: Where? Thus, some universities have opted for a humanist perspective and added to their social sciences faculties. Others, from a more technical bent on annexing them to his apartment in Demography, or the Department of Geography. .