Marconi Radio

All these people have opened the real truth about the moon. Society seriously an interest in a matter of life on the moon after the radio reported that Tesla was trying to pass Marconi on radio and the moon got an answer. After that it became aware of the flickering lights, moving on surface, a flash of light and other various events. These messages continued for 30 years and if going to the library, you can find it all. Recently Brian Thompson sought to clarify these questions. The peak of the rush occurred in 1950, at a time when an expert on air phenomena Palitzer Prize publicly said that the moon is detected artificially created a "bridge". "Most" had to see this and other observers, its length up to 12 miles, and it appeared as suddenly as and suddenly vanished away. There are a lot of astronauts, who argue that during each of their mission they have seen UFOs, and present evidence in the form of photos.

For example, Gordon Cooper and James McDivitt, who provided their photos with UFOs. Astronaut Edward Mitchell also reported seeing a UFO on the moon with my own eyes. Soviet space program in 1960 was intended to establish a record of human presence in space. However, as soon as the ship was in position, the operation was interrupted for some reason. According to private investigators who have the radio equipment and "seen" from Earth for the operation, accompanied by a UFO spacecraft to orbit, and then began they play "football" and scared the astronauts home withdrew, closing the project. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as farhad mehrad by clicking through.