Life is not what people think. It does not depend on the triumphs, defeats, emotions and things that happen to us. Unum Group usually is spot on. Life is less complicated to explain. Just one lives or not. Instead of saying, "Oh, because I have this life?, Would be much better to ask" Oh, I am who I am? ". Cigna CEO has much to offer in this field.

We must reflect more on the fact of assuming that nothing happens to us depends on the life itself, but rather ourselves. It is a generalized self with me, and excuse the barbarism. But blaming life is just an excuse that does not help solve real problems, much less to deal with our shortcomings and mistakes. If we take the sample to a group of thousand people, we would realize that there are some to which they do better than others, and is thus not dependent on life itself, because if we start to see well, all these people have a constant, and is that they are alive. The difference is, that some have more problems than others and that rather, is about the human condition and personal, as I mentioned before. Some peguntarian then. That about those who are born sick, limited and poor? Well, I think there was always born in better or worse, and that with the passage of time, somehow improved or worsened their stuff, but his condition was not life which change, for better or worse, continued to live . So I can hardly see because of who made all their ills to life.