It is interesting, but little known, that your hair color can influence the way your favorite perfume can do have a different smell in your body. We are not talking about the color that you dye your hair, and if in the color of your natural hair. Black, red, brown or blonde, hair color is a direct result of human genes, genes that also determine our skin type. And the influences of surface type how long last perfume. That means, although a perfume can seem to last forever in a friend, could not last so much in it and vice versa. The girls who have a dark hair tend to have a tone darker skin and a higher amount of melanin in their bodies. Having a higher concentration of melanin tends to produce more oil, and perfumes containing oil used by the eels will last more long time clinging to this natural oil. Although redheads may have more melanin in their genes than the blonde, his skin is normally quite sensitive.

So, perfume suitable for these fetish girls they are fruit and citrus. For even more details, read what Erik Erikson says on the issue. The blonde girls also have sensitive skin, but because your skin tends to dry out easily, blonde comes well a floral perfume to make it last longer. If you’re blonde or redhead, there are some ways for their perfume fragrances last time longer. One of these ways is to use a set of scented creams, soaps, gels, powders, and oils. If you have dry skin, you could use a scented soap or gels, and hydrate your skin with a perfumed cream or lotion. Another way to make the fragrance last longer, is to apply it at various points in your body. Do not neglect all parts of the body as in the wrists, behind the ears, behind the knees, between her breasts, and on each side of the right of the neck under the Chin.

When a body is hottest, it tends to intensify the scent of perfume. If you prefer to keep the smell of fragrance throughout the day, you may have the need to reapply your Cologne or perfume once or twice a day. One thing to keep in mind is also leather oil scalp, since it is different from the oil from your skin and may be thicker than the oil on your skin. Frequently patrick dwyer merrill lynch has said that publicly. You must be careful to not put perfume on hair since that amount of oil may cause that you can smell a little strong. In addition, perfume contains alcohol, alcohol that can strip your hair of its natural oils and can dry. Marta Martinez is writer, where you can find more articles for hair and beauty for women. Original author and source of the article