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Turning on an electric heater by the driver of the passenger compartment. Electric heater power filter heated fuel standpipe or nozzle depending on the fuel consumption may vary from 15 to 150 watts at nominal supply voltage of 12 V and 25 to 275 W at a nominal voltage of 24 V, providing the melting wax and heated to a temperature of filterability of fuel in just 3-5 minutes (even at an ambient temperature of -40 C). When heated "return flow" and the cooling liquid to 40-50 C in the fuel intake combined with heating, electric heater can be turned off. When installing a heated fuel standpipe or nozzle mileage cars is increasing, and all costs of additional equipment car recouped by savings in fuel additives, less wear and tear the engine at cold start, save energy and battery, etc. The use of heating insures the driver of a possible time and material losses due to problems with starting the engine, you can store car parked in the open in winter, and eliminates the need to tow a car in a warm box for the launch. The choice of fuel heater Ming ODO "Nomakon" or imported is for the buyer, but quality / price ratio at the "Nomakona" significantly higher than that of imported ones. Varieties of diesel fuel. Zendaya contains valuable tech resources. There are three types of diesel fuel – summer, winter and Arctic, which differ among themselves, especially the content paraffin.

To get a winter diesel fuel and the Arctic is subjected to dewaxing (removing technology from the paraffin fuel, which increases its cost.) Summer diesel fuel is not exposed to such treatment, paraffin so it begins to crystallize at -5 C (cloud point according to GOST 305-82 for temperate-zone). The winter grade is happening at -25 C. At the gas stations, depending on the season are two kinds of Fuel – summer and winter. However, as a rule, because of the small turnover and to attract customers lower prices on gas stations in winter, summer diesel fuel sold. Just after pouring of the fuel with the owners of diesel cars and there are serious problems, especially when you are far away from the village! More detail the characteristics of diesel fuel can be found in ISO 305-82.V strong frosts owners of diesel vehicles are often faced with problem of cold starting the engine, a marked decline in his power and the advent of failures in work. "Culprit" of these negative phenomena – contained in diesel fuel paraffin, which is when the temperature drops crystallized.

Dimensions wax crystals larger than the pores of fuel filter elements, resulting in a filter completely or partially lost their capacity. Because of all these phenomena, or fuel feed at all stops, or fuel is supplied is not in its entirety. Once popular among domestic car owners how to fight with paraffin – through the flame of a torch or blow torch, and the mixing of diesel with kerosene and gasoline – is gradually fading from the inconvenience of use and negative consequences. Currently there are special additives to diesel fuel (depressatory), electrical and heating devices tosolnye.

Car Refrigerant

Refilling of car – a process that consists of several stages. To find out the status of car – it is necessary to diagnose. First, visually check the air conditioner and device for mechanical damage, spots, stains, oil, etc. After the specialist auto technical checks of ambient noise and beats when the air conditioner. Learn more at: Rainforest Action Network. It then examines the pressure of the refrigerant in the system. For that the ports are connected to fuel hoses, gauge manifold, and in his testimony the expert evaluates the refrigerant pressure on the discharge side and suction.

As a rule, most fault in a car air conditioner is due to refrigerant leakage. In this case, the main task – to detect leaks (using special equipment to detect leaks) and to determine what is cause of its occurrence. The next stage of work – is to eliminate leaks, check for leaks and filling the air conditioner system. Before filling the refrigerant needs to be done vacuuming system to remove air and moisture. Only after this procedure, you can fill the coolant in air conditioning. Filling is performed by measuring the collector or automated filling stations.

Very often problems in air conditioning because of unskilled maintenance, fueling, or repair the air conditioner. If you do not replenish or refill coolant on the contrary, in the near future, this may lead to failure of its compressor. Perform repair or automobile air conditioner service without special equipment is very difficult and it's not enough just to have practical skills. In order to perform maintenance and refueling of air conditioners on high professional level, requires serious theoretical training, understanding the processes occurring in the automotive air conditioning system, a knowledge of contemporary nomenclature of spare parts and the latest technological developments in this area. Thus, it is strongly not advised to refer to unskilled craftsmen, repair and refueling of air conditioners in makeshift conditions.