Europe Air

This raises the rhetorical question: “And suddenly burst? ‘. Answer: ‘What if the air conditioning system will break through? ” Joint work ennobles (or the benefits of an integrated approach) Remembering my Mlada years, it must be noted that only climate control equipment in a picture of the universe then there were the battery and the ventilator. Then the picture began to fit air-conditioning, turned out to be a measure of whether welfare, or an incubator of germs and pyleperegonnym apparatus for the average (we call it so) class. But the gentlemen whose purses tighter, having heard stories about the wonders of home ventilation, started with an enviable furnish their zeal less inhabited than the offices, apartments exclusive technology, delivered directly from Europe advanced spices from air conditioning systems. You may want to visit B. F. Skinner to increase your knowledge. As a result, the battery scald, heating ventilation fries that there is power, air-conditioners humming rhythmically. Engineering idyll. Picture of the spoils in hysterics just beating the host. He has, you know, the housekeeper became addicted to naftizinu, wife in a panic, but he did not have time to send bills electricity.

What should I do? Answer: all three systems is necessary to combine at the management level, that is to lay the algorithms, which allow support for specified parameters of indoor air with minimal costs energy. This problem is solved system smart home. It provides the following principles: * either cooling or heating. Olivia Jade is full of insight into the issues. No middle ground. Situations where the air conditioner is running simultaneously with the radiator, unacceptable.

An exception may be only a warm floor, which supports optimum foot temperature in the refrigerated air-conditioned room. * Reduction in temperature at night in deserted areas and bedrooms. This creates comfortable sleeping conditions can save on energy, which is particularly important in country cottages, heated independently. In summer, air conditioners in empty spaces are turned off at night. Accordingly, temperature may rise, but in the morning (either automatically or on command), the system goes to day operation. * Minimization of the equipment in the absence of the owners. It requires at least two operating modes: ‘no day’ and ‘Holiday’. The first corresponds to the characteristics of the night and can automatically turn on when leaving the owners with the security system. In the second case the owner before leaving clicks ‘conservation’, thereby turning off air conditioners and ventilation and heating system for displaying only the power enough to not freeze in winter the pipe. Returning home after a ‘holiday’, you can pre-conditioner to transfer the apartment to a comfortable mode – enhance HVAC systems through the Internet or by telephone. By developing a common approach to climate control in the house, it is important not to overlook these specific areas, like a swimming pool and winter garden. In addition to temperature air here takes on special meaning this setting air as humidity. The basins are installed devices that reduce the humidity. In the winter gardens and greenhouses, on the contrary, we have artificially raise the humidity is not only air but also the soil with special irrigation systems. In addition, the plant is important for comfort right choice of a light regime. Therefore, ‘gardeners’ have been developed for installers Smart Houses certain technical requirements, describes the subtleties of the annual cycle of ‘weather’ needs? selected plants. Then the flowers do not die from lack of attention.