Excel People

There are people who take the art of spirituality as a real race, trying to be better and wanting to be recognized somehow. Perhaps they are unhappy with what already they have, there may be an excessive ambition or is so much anxiety by being recognized in what they do, seeking credit and the applause of the people, without realizing that that is also an egoico role, since they do so unconsciously despite the fact that there is a percentage of conscience who does not want to recognize. Those people boast of being the best and let you know people in general that what you delivered them is absolute truth. These people seek to Excel by other means and do not realize that that attitude can play them against. Even desvaloran the contribution of others without any action, without any rationing. These people are dedicated to running, to compete with other groups devoted to spiritual teachings or individuals dedicated to this beautiful work, which is the love of neighbor. There is a serious problem in this as to compete on the basis of the delivery of spiritual teachings, you can’t miss the exact course of what you want to deliver.

In addition the impersonal love for people is mixed with a role of competitiveness and already fails delivery, sharing love, happiness and joy, but by competition and this sooner or later if not provide the proper results, raises another role which is the frustration and this can cause many roles self-discover moreSince the ego is always present. Moreover, one becomes that ego, one is that ego. Some people think that racing is healthy and give examples such as when a runner competes with another. Of course that it is healthy to compete in a sports career, of the kind which, but it must be clear that spirituality and love made the work, it is not a race, less a game. Competition can bring incentives, where from a side is striving to give it

Protection For GSM

Cell phone today – it's not just a means of communication and dialogue, he is able to provide you a loyal assistant and the protection of the remote object. Safety has always attached special importance in our country. The main problem with the protection of the object becomes the timely transmission and receipt of alarm messages. This issue is usually solved by using the following communication channels: Radio channel wired telephone line gsm channel leader among provided channels of communication today is wired telephony. The cost of equipment and relatively low maintenance costs and maintenance of the system are small. But what about objects that do not telephone lines? What to do if the attackers cut the phone cord? How to monitor a telephone line? Until recently, these questions remained unanswered.

Radio channel equipment in a safe operation and rapid delivery of alerts, but it has other weaknesses: Limited range, the high cost delivery of messages only to the remote central monitoring stations (CMS) specialist security structures. In addition to the use of radio frequencies should be licensed and pay for radio, which is always very expensive and not always justified. Therefore, in recent years the popularity of security equipment, using the gsm channel to protect the facilities. Such gsm alarm systems can be used both for personal protection in gsm, and centralized security with the use of SPEs. In this case, the alarm can be sent to gsm channel simultaneously on Remote Central Monitoring (CMS) and the owner that allows control of the security structures. The main condition of using this protective equipment – should be protected object in a coverage area gsm networks. Equipment use to transfer alarm messages gsm network, pass it through sms and / or using dial-up and voice messages.

Plus dial-up is that it can carried out not only to cell, but also on the landline phone. Also sms can sometimes come very late, and dial-up, within a few seconds. However, the advantage of sms is that the subscriber will sooner or later receive the message even if his phone is currently unavailable. In addition, some systems can send messages to gprs, mms is video and photo information, using all the same gsm channel. Protection should be available, easy to operation, does not require serious training (especially the elderly) and do not interfere with work and leisure. These conditions, in our opinion meets the gsm security.