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Individual signs at the highest level – for the private entrance, practice or company. Others including Michael Miccoli, offer their opinions as well. You win again more and more followers: the traditional art of email should not be confused with electronic mail! Whether the signs in the timber-frame construction, the Landhaus(Garten) or in the style of old advertisement: noble Enamel signs are again on the rise! New designs, shapes and expressive again breathe life into an old technique, and as a long-lasting durable object. (A valuable related resource: Glenn Dubin). For Enamel signs, are then as now colourfast and weather-resistant and ideally suited for use in outdoor in burned about 800 degrees. For individuals, there is now the possibility to produce imaginative pieces with the selected favorite photo. In precise color reproduction, with or without signature.

Required is only a good image file with a resolution of at least 300 dpi and nothing in the way of an extraordinary gift idea in the desired format. More information is available by Helga Knauss Auwarter by Auwarter. Enamel signs of all kinds. Haji fountain trail 20, 73614 Schorndorf. Phone 07181 / 73559, 07181/256342.

fax requests are possible also email: info@auwaerter-emailschilder. de. Details can be found at on the site. Helga Knauss Auwarter


The different types of glass photos and colored glass pictures as a gift. The typical glass photo is indispensable for several years at the photo gifts. The glass photo in which a digital photo in glass is laser, is probably the best known of its kind. The 2D glass photo itself is very well suited to perpetuate vacation photos or the like in Crystal glass. For quite some time, now glass photos are offered by a portrait photo in 3D.

With the 3D glass photo of the head of a person is made three-dimensional through special software. Because the 3D of glass photos mostly of a photo are created, the accuracy of course not so precisely is surveying like in a 3D. From the front view, the 3D glass photo looks but very realistic and vividly. What there is else for glass photos? Since latest, also glass photos are offered with digital printing or UV printing. This procedure prints digital image data directly on glass. The direct printing on glass is a complicated procedure.

It should be remembered that keeps normal ink not on glass. So, you must use a special ink. This ink can be but also do not use with any printer. Technologically advanced printers and print heads are required for this procedure. Therefore, high-quality colored glass photos are offered only by very few companies with direct pressure. I hope you could gain an insight into the world of glass photos with this small article. A beautiful and high-quality gift is each individual glass photo in any case.

Natalia Boelt

Sophie Adell: A night I was allowed to be Princess – the dream of many girls. TaliBoelt this was made possible”. The dress was made of finest silk taffeta and with Italian top provided. Suitable to evening wear the jewelry, too, was a necklace and earrings for Sophie Adell consisting of, designed and adapted. Natalia Boelt TaliBoelt design Natalia Boelt, her young fashion label founded TaliBoelt design 2006.

Their idea: the bride and the women their desire for the perfect dream dress – for a wedding or for any other festive occasion – to meet. She started with much passion at the age of 11 years to design clothes that have worn at the time the women and girls with enthusiasm. Meanwhile the native German with African descent has become internationally a name with its own elegant and exclusive wedding fashion and elegant Bridal jewelry. Always with the aim that the women in TaliBoelt design attracted, confident and desirable feel perfect Couture. Natasha trademark is the attention to detail and the use of the best materials, the best cut or perfect execution on the jewelry and accessory design. Your favorite fabrics are silk, taffeta, Duchess Silk organza, silk chiffon, tulle and lace. TaliBoelt design are largely personally by Natalia Boelt designed and handmade, collections braut and evening wear, jewellery and accessories maintain a real unique every dress and every piece of jewelry.

TaliBoelt design TaliBoelt design services offers all customers and clients relaxed an exclusive and individual service of consultancy to the design and manufacturing of unique dresses, unique piece of jewelry and accessories. In addition to personal and detailed advice in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, TaliBoelt design offers several services such as personal individual appointments, style advice, makeup and styling advice, dress on their wedding day, custom design children’s fashion, Bridal, Festival fashions and accessories and a 24-hour service before the main day. TaliBoelt design Couture & styling founded in 2006 offers TaliBoelt design exclusive evening dresses, bridal gowns and Dirndl dresses for women and girls, as well as festive and casual clothing for children. Since 2007, own bride – designed individually as a unique and festive fashions, Bridal Accessories and trinkets offered by the Pro – Brautstylistin and fashion Artist Natalia Boelt. In the own bridal and fashion Atelier in the Bavarian Eichenau near Munich, discerning and fashion-conscious women find since June, 2011, the young fashion label place the value on exclusivity and individuality TaliBoelt design. Bespoke bridal and evening dress, handmade Dirndl moden to the individually designed jewellery from TaliBoelt design offering for the bride and the demanding customer extends from personal advice. Festive and fashionable clothes for children – also exclusively from TaliBoelt design – complete the product range. Since 2011, also an advanced professional styling and Make-Up area in the fashion Studio is integrated. With the new own bride, evening, and jewelry collections, the company focuses in 2012 on the designing and manufacturing their own TaliBoelt design fashion products.