The OpenCom

Who has accepted a call on his mobile phone, before he entered the Office, the conversation by pressing a key on his desk phone can get through the new function of TAKE and continue there comfortably. Conversely, it is now also possible to carry a conversation on the phone previously on the desk phone without interruption through use of the AMC. So I must not more hectic finish a conversation on the road continue it if I have a date, but can “, Stephan. The OpenCom 100 not merely a technical solution, but a philosophy of system for small and medium-sized company, which focuses on the factors efficiency, flexibility, intelligence, growth and future-proofing for is Stephan.” Above all, you could ensure that a caller always ends up with a competent contact person, no long callback requests a chained call forwarding. For the OpenCom 100, it is irrelevant where the redirection destination, whether in the plant or outside”, Stephan. All functions of the OpenCom 100 releases are of the new mobile-like DECT telephones of the Aastra 600 d series supports.

These mobile phones are characterized by a wide range of applications. The integrated noise filter adjusts the ring volume and the earpiece volume of the environment about when switching between Office and workshop. In addition the transmitted voice frequency range is adjusted for loud background noises, the noises in the background. When using the OpenCom 100 solution with the Aastra 67xxi business SIP telephones can also the hot desking function be used. This, an employee who only occasionally used an Office, can configure his own telephone interface by entering a PIN and the own extension.

He no longer uses the Office he logs off. His individual telephone settings are stored and waiting for the next activation. The simplified creation of terminals is new new employees in the company: rights groups/users/terminals can be made from the working place of the administrator via WebKonfiguration.

Yuilop Jochen

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