With Callback Expensive Roaming Charges Save

Calls from abroad need not be expensive. The telecommunications DCalling the ability to make calls worldwide cheap offers its customers with the callback function. To use the callback service, only a local landline or a local SIMcard available must be the customer. Now you can select the internationally valid callback phone number 0049-221 997 605 01. The caller is then recalled by DCalling and the desired destination number can enter on the keyboard.

This kind of conversation avoids high roaming costs that would arise through the calls to a German mobile phone abroad. Two connections are built in the callback procedure, so costs for both connections! The costs for the recall and the other of course costs for the actual call. Rainforest Action Network usually is spot on. The per-minute rates vary depending on the target of the recall, as well as target of the actual conversation. For example, A customer uses the callback function on Mallorca by a Spanish Landline from used and would like to make phone calls to German landlines. The cost of the recall to Spain totaled 1.90 cents / minute, the call would cost 1.40 cents / minute after Germany.

Overall the price per minute would be so 3.3 cents / minute. For use by DCalling customers must register first for free on the Web page. When registering, the customer gets a little credit, which he can use to try out the DCalling service. Much like prepaid cell phones, no monthly fee or minimum term is required. For more information, visit the site and sign up for free and without obligation. Media contact: DALASON GmbH Berrenrather str. 188 c 50937 Cologne

The OpenCom

Who has accepted a call on his mobile phone, before he entered the Office, the conversation by pressing a key on his desk phone can get through the new function of TAKE and continue there comfortably. Conversely, it is now also possible to carry a conversation on the phone previously on the desk phone without interruption through use of the AMC. So I must not more hectic finish a conversation on the road continue it if I have a date, but can “, Stephan. The OpenCom 100 not merely a technical solution, but a philosophy of system for small and medium-sized company, which focuses on the factors efficiency, flexibility, intelligence, growth and future-proofing for is Stephan.” Above all, you could ensure that a caller always ends up with a competent contact person, no long callback requests a chained call forwarding. For the OpenCom 100, it is irrelevant where the redirection destination, whether in the plant or outside”, Stephan. All functions of the OpenCom 100 releases are of the new mobile-like DECT telephones of the Aastra 600 d series supports.

These mobile phones are characterized by a wide range of applications. The integrated noise filter adjusts the ring volume and the earpiece volume of the environment about when switching between Office and workshop. In addition the transmitted voice frequency range is adjusted for loud background noises, the noises in the background. When using the OpenCom 100 solution with the Aastra 67xxi business SIP telephones can also the hot desking function be used. This, an employee who only occasionally used an Office, can configure his own telephone interface by entering a PIN and the own extension.

He no longer uses the Office he logs off. His individual telephone settings are stored and waiting for the next activation. The simplified creation of terminals is new new employees in the company: rights groups/users/terminals can be made from the working place of the administrator via WebKonfiguration.

Yuilop Jochen

The yuilop user already on shopping tour or at night on the road is in the Restaurant, he can check, while he arranged with his friends, right, what free coupons there are in its proximity. So money is not only in the chat but also in shopping or evening entertainment save!” How about mobile coupons with yuilop? Currently users at around 4,000 partners in Germany can claim discounts of up to 50% in part completely free! In order to use the COUPIES coupons, it loads only a small program (app) on his cell phone and can immediately get started with saving. The program of yuilop shows the customer energy in the menu item”the different ways to collect new energy points. Vouchers in your area”then takes the user to a list of coupons available in the environment. The user has found an offer, he must only select the corresponding coupon on his cell phone and show at the box office already will receive the discount.

Text and saving has never been easier! For more information about Mobile couponing with COUPIES: press about COUPIES: COUPIES (www.coupies.de) brings always and everywhere redeemable discounts and coupons on your mobile phone! COUPIES is the leading marketplace for Mobile couponing in German-speaking countries. COUPIES combines attractive local offers and nationwide redeemable coupons in a mobile application. With its network to reach and marketing partners COUPIES offers a range of more than 2 million users and a unique way advertising company for mobile marketing offers and discounts. About yuilop: Yuilop Jochen double hammer in Barcelona, Spain, as a mobile communications service was founded in 2010 by the Internet and telecommunications experts. Smartphone owners can communicate free of cost with all mobile phone users and unlimited number of SMS. Heart for multichannel communication is yuilop in real time. It combines yuilop SMS, Facebook chat, and yuilop-zu-yuilop messages with all your contacts in just a single app. yuilop distinguishes itself from other services, because it independently runs by the network operator, universal all contacts reached and offers unlimited number of free SMS and soon phone calls without the need of a new SIM card. For more information about yuilop, visit yuilop.com or yuilop.com/de/blog. Press contact Agency: Huseyin ozturk wildcard communications stone RT 129 47798 Krefeld t + 49 (0) 2151 65 35 444

Managing Director

Just in time to transfairlog, the Dar + Timm GmbH presents the series start of his practical radio sensor series “scomsens”. Various kinds of data around the trailer can be captured so easily. With scomsens, we have expanded our trailer telematics family makes sense, and we are pleased to be able to present them to the specialist audience in Hamburg”, says Hans-Hermann Ruschmeyer, Managing Director of Dreyer + Timm. The FINTEL telematics experts at the edge of the Luneburg Heath now offer an intelligent and easy-to-use all-in-one solution from scomsens, scombox and scomview. The compact, robust and waterproof scombox is equipped in addition to the optional EBS and temperature recorder interface via a local wireless interface that now scomsens can be fully exploited, in conjunction with the wireless sensors.

The data received from the wireless sensors are transmitted by GSM/GPSR at the Internet portal scomview. There, the information is processed and clearly illustrated. Because the scomsens wireless sensors like already the scombox and scomview were developed 100% in our home, hardware and the software can be matched perfectly. This is a great advantage of our telematics family”, explains. The wireless “wireless sensors offspring” is equipped with a battery life of up to 10 years. With the radio sensors installation times are reduced tremendously, because especially in retrofits by conventional sensors the wiring is usually a considerable period of time.

The scomsens wireless sensors make possible completely new applications, which so far technically and economically not satisfactorily resolved. Currently offers the Dar + Timm GmbH on them for three functional areas: doors: the wireless door sensors signal sticker – and tamper-safe opening and closing on trailer doors. Temperatures: The radio temperature sensors can be in any number and at any point in the reefer semitrailer attached directly to the goods and transfer the measured temperatures to the scombox. So, the MRP controller receives a complete and timely documentation of the temperature in connection with location data. Truck identity: Depending on a scomsens wireless truck ID sensor is mounted with two screws on the tractor. The scombox in the trailer can now simply identify the tractor. Completely new possibilities for theft protection and fleet management poses”, says. If the scombox is a tractor that is deposited not at her, an alarm is triggered. Dispatchers in the day-to-day business now always have the overview of trailers and tractors. For trailers, which are transported by contractors, it can help in addition to the recent Federal Court of Justice ruling on team liability, if it is to prove what tractor with trailer which was. Scomsens radio technology in conjunction with the scombox more is expected in the future. We will realize soon more applications”, promises.