Josh McDowell

In this phase the ultrasound can identify the sex of the future baby. After nine months, the embryo is apt to survive outside of the maternal organism. In the first months of life, its development it is surprising. Beyond physical transformations, it passes for an intense intellectual and social learning. ' ' The complicated and fascinating reproduction cannot be resulted of perhaps. The scientists cannot explain the reason of the life.

Why the life if develops? Why the life is different? Why it has similarities between the varied forms of life? Why it has differences? Those that give the reply of ' ' evoluo' ' they are not explaining, only describing a possible chain of events. They are not explaining the reason. In final analysis, the life always will be a mystery for cientistas' '. ' ' A corpse, for example, still consists of the same chromosomes, same molecules, same atoms, the same elements of the living person. But he is not alive.

The life if was. The scientists can observe the differences between the alive things and deceased. But they cannot explain what he is vida' '. ' ' When the Christians say that God is the Creator, are mentioning it Planner for backwards of the plan, to Intelligence for backwards of intelligence, to the Proponent for backwards of the intention, and to the Mind for backwards of the complexity of universo' '. ' ' The evolucionistas that catch substance and energy, and they add time, had not yet decided the problem. A planner or programmer is necessary. The Christians know this Planner as Deus' '. Josh McDowell planned You everything our respect, that can honor it for all the life.

Leonardo Gonalves

It follows for the streets proclaiming the peace, the love, the pardon? It cure wounded emotional, operates miracles, brings people in return to the life? Its fame runs for all the Jew, the Galilia and even for the Samaria. However, so that the wonderful saving plan of God if fulfilled, she would be necessary that a lamb was immolated, would be necessary that its Son was sacrificed. Jesus would have to pay to the price of the rescue of all the humanity, would have to all load on itself the sin of the world. everything this it made, really, for love of each one of us. E, leaving Jesus, was as it costumava, for the Getsmane, where he was trado and it delivers at the hands of the Jews. E, thus, started the final steps for the fulfilment of the plan that God traces, since the principle, for the redemption of the humanity. (Hymn: In the Getsmane- Leonardo Gonalves) During the hymn, Jesus walks until the front where he will be crucificado. NARRATOR: There he was the fiance’ of God, Mr.

you. That one that was fulfilling the promise that the Creator makes in the den? In Christ, God was reconciling obtains the world? this includes you! God thought about you when he said the serpent that he would have that one that would jam it the head. He was for me and also for you that Jesus gave its life in that cross. But the death was not enough to defeat the great author of the life! To the third day, Jesus revived! after having spoken per many days to the disciples, was received in the sky, being based itself it the right of God. ACT 5 (chorale singing AGNUS Enters GAVE) NARRATIVE: After these things here it is, I looked at and that it was a door opened in the sky? I heard a voice said that me: OCCULT VOICE: It goes up here, and show-you ei the things that after these must happen.