Nutrition Chaos

Thus the questionable cocktail of ingredients the chronically doomed will not continue suffering! Trier / Leipzig book fair 2010. It has long been foreseeable for Germany that maintaining its social achievements – than ever before – will depend on more efficient workers. That the health of future generations, it must play a major role, is now undisputed. But, now lacks elementarstem knowledge, and although a long knowledge of experience confirms the direct link between chronic disease and the dietary overloading of our metabolic organs, are subject to these findings – in our scientifically-oriented society – only low esteem. The consequences of this disregard are fatal for those affected.

Hardly, they find enlightenment that are their already congested metabolic organs not at all capable of, the daily flood resulting also from the chaos of our nutrition Ingredients carefully to catch up – by educating people to make a long-term sustainable food not to mention. Ideal for the early education and deposit sickening residues in the body. The nature of our body chemistry and the composition of sufficient existing digestive juices – with their essential enzymes and hormones – inextricably associated depends decisively the selection and preparation of our daily food. Those with the typical chronic for our time suffering (metabolic diseases) therefore cannot come to relieve their nutrition-related overextended metabolic organs! Simple classic among food suitable for this purpose: as for example eggs, butter, cream, and flour (except for proven already threatening reactions to gluten, flour, egg); Nothing in the way; there is also moderate meat consumption for a friendly preparation However, make fruit sugar, fruit acids and Vitamins of ill-conceived import fruits like also ungegarte vegetables high demands on the metabolic organs, and the help then, for example, with excess and actually subject to elimination vitamin C no longer sufficiently above the kidney can be disposed of! Combat of the food industry sales – approximately 170,000 products now accuses the German food industry – as well as the variety of alternative diets have for the (uninformed) consumer a no longer transparent food mess.