Internet Person

As we extend our life experiences and how many more people we ventured to go knowing in our lives, more likely to have to find other people with whom we feel there is a good connection or feeling at that moment and with whose interaction we enrich. And since we are continually changing (as little as changing one person, their way of thinking and reasoning and his attitude to life is not the same than when he was 14, 15 or 16 years old), one not connected to the same people now than when he was teenager. The concept soulmate can carry implicit emotional dependency; assume that there is another person that complements us and without which our life does not have a complete sense leads us to having to need of that relationship. Then, that relationship is no longer a healthy relationship based on the decision of choosing share part of our life with another person and from the generous giving and receiving, to enrich ourselves and add to what we already are as individuals desire to. An intimate relationship is not born instantly by very compatible to be with the other person and by very close and comfortable feel with her to the point of feeling that it has to be our soul mate, but we will build it every day, maintaining open dialogue, still open to negotiate differences that will be emerging, learning to be resolute, cultivating our patience and having clear that we are two individual beings, each with their living space, friends, his family and their own objectives and goals that have decided to move closer to add to what each one is longer by individual. When it comes to find a partner on the internet, on the one hand is therefore good to try to be realistic within our preferences and affinities, otherwise we can end up taking the search.

Make a list of qualities that we look for in our potential partner can help us realize which profile of person want to find, and at the same time, it is also useful to write another list with the qualities that we believe have. This simple exercise will help to specify and clarify which profiles of people, a priori, seem compatible with ours. And, on the other hand, it is good to bear in mind that there are not only one but several people which share affinities and with which we could establish a good connection. Think of the following way; Perhaps there is no a single soulmate there outside for ti but several soul mates or at least souls mates. In this Internet search, it will be useful to not focus exclusively on a particular person if this does not seem to be interested in it.

Fortunately, there will be many other people with a profile similar to yours and that you could start a good relationship. Like everything in life, it is a continuous creation of an unfinished project. A man or a woman seem us ideals at first, especially when we fell in love, but with time we will learn other facets of this person are not going to please both and that conflict can arise and are these rifts which allow us to mature through experience. In addition, since ourselves we will change and evolve over time, it is logical to assume that the profile of people with whom we compatibilizaremos will vary with age