Manager File

WHAT IF can not play audio or video. The most commonly used video formats for viewing on your computer: MPG, WMV, AVI. Audio: MP3, WAV. Sometimes it may happen that you run one or the other audio / video file, the player starts but no sound (if this is an audio file), or there is only picture without sound or sound without a picture (if video file). This means that you have not installed any audio or video codec, which is required to play this file.

Codecs – this system modules, which are used to compress data in audio and video files. And if you do not have the codec that the file was created, then he will not play. There are many codecs, and not to find out what specific codec needed to play each record, there is such a thing as a codec packages that install on your computer dozens of the most common audio / video codecs. I recommend installing a free package called K-Lite Codec Pack. He is constantly being updated and you can easily find on the Internet and download the latest version of the package.

Many sites collections of programs offered to download this packet. I especially do not give here links to downloads, because they are subject to change. Simply type in any search engine string K-Lite Codec Pack and you'll get hundreds of links to sites where you can download this package. After downloading run the file and just press the Next (Next) until the installation is complete. Everything, now try again to open the file, which did not want to play. C very high probability you will be able to see it. 7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-63dcbf9f0240’>???? ?? ?? takes a slightly different approach. HOW TO CLOSE THE PROGRAM Hanging. (Source: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City). Sometimes one or another program hangs, ie stops responding to your actions with the mouse and keystrokes. It happens that it can not even close X m in the upper right corner. If this happens during your work, you can try to close a frozen program without restarting your computer. To do this, call the "Task Manager" – a special program for control running programs. To call it, it is necessary to "Taskbar" (it's a strip on which the Start button), right click and select "Task Manager". Note that the right button to click on the white space "Taskbar", ie in region free of buttons, icons and indicators. You can also press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del, and if your computer is not connected to the network, it opens "Task Manager". Now in the "Task Manager" tab "Applications" (actually, it opens by default) and it will list all currently running programs, including one that hung. Scroll to this program and click on "End Task". If the system can shut down a frozen program, it will disappear from the list of running programs and with the taskbar. Sometimes the system can not do it immediately (after clicking click "End Task" nothing has changed), then you have to wait 1-2 minutes, possibly hung over this time the program closes.