Dark Circles Under Eyes

Bluish circles under the eyes, often referred to as bruising may occur alone or combined with severe swelling. What causes dark circles: These factors may be diseases of internal organs – kidney, heart, and increased intracranial pressure, liver disease and gastro-intestinal tract, adenoids, sinusitis. Dark circles under the eyes can indicate a chronic intoxication, which itself, turn, may be caused by parasites in the body – the worms or giardia. Very often, the dark circles are a manifestation of chronic fatigue and lack of sleep regularly. Sometimes this is a cosmetic defect a sign of lack of vitamins.

In the summer of dark circles under the eyes can result from excessive sweating. Contribute to the appearance of dark circles under the eyes of constant stress, smoking, regular alcohol intake. Dark circles under eyes may also result from prolonged sun exposure (eyes appear under severe pigmentation) after massive weight loss due to allergies to cosmetics or after plastic surgery. Another important factor – a genetic predisposition. If your mother and grandmother had dark circles under his eyes – the chances of occurrence of this cosmetic defect and you.

The mechanism of formation of dark circles: The skin around the eyes is very thin – about 4 times thinner than on other parts of the face. If the epidermis there are problems with blood circulation, blood in the right degree is not saturated with oxygen, stagnates in the capillaries under the eyes and begins to shine through. If in the surrounding tissues also lack of moisture (eg, sweating or as a result of age-related changes), this fact contributes to further darkening of the skin – then eyes look sunken.