Tourism And Economic Development

TOURISM AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: PERSPECTIVE FOR EUNPOLIS/BA Clvia Saints of Almeida* SUMMARY: The present work will search to present questions on the economic tourism and the perspectives for this activity in Eunpolis Bahia, being aimed at to understand the narrow bows between the place, its history and economy. It will still analyze the organization, integrant structure and preparativeses while of the Coast of the Discovery. Word-key: Tourism, development, economy and planning. Introduction: In Brazil, the Tourism comes if detaching as economic activity in growth. Many investments have been made for foreign companies of the same segment starting to give to a bigger subsidy the Brazilian tourist activity.

It is known that much has been said of Tourism its problematic and as with this phenomenon can help in the economic development, social and cultural of the country. Therefore, many are the numbers that point the positive advantages in the economy of a tourist destination, or tourist city, amongst them, the increase of the offers of work and income for local population, contributing for the growth and organization of the cities since that it has a well elaborated planning. ' ' Hoje' ' , Eunpolis enters as tourist, inserted destination in the Coast of the Discovery, creating expectations for its economic development, allowing new chances of job for local community. The proposal searches of directed as to understand and as the tourist activity in the city of Eunpolis will be become fullfilled Bahia, as it will be organized, as infrastructure, in what it says respect to little offers that the city provides and which the offered tourist attractions. For in such a way the bibliographical research was overcome as theoretical subsidy, in sites, monographs and books. It is intended with this work to show the true scene of the city while tourist destination and which the perspectives for its economic development.