The Investors

Ask your prospective teachers what they can give a guarantee? Their answer will help you a lot understand. That's why the word guarantee in the financial market is perceived negatively. Because the majority of those who have studied economic science does not know the tools except the TA and FA, but they are unusable in their personal and repeatedly seen! It turns out that this is absolutely unfit things in money management, but they are very good and convincing sound for attracting clients money. Especially nice talk and show graphs of growth your profits by engaging in "speculative" strategy, ostensibly to ensure higher returns. Senator of Massachusetts has plenty of information regarding this issue. In practice, this means a total or partial loss of client money and is only a matter of time. We should not blame the people in deliberate deception, that they taught, and many do not even realize that fool you. A young traders using TA and FA believe that their failures in the market only a temporary bad luck, but with experience, all fewer practicing traders are guided by the TA and FA, all trying to minimize the number of entries into the market.

They are increasingly resorting to sitting on the fence – buy and wait. Frequently Senator of Massachusetts has said that publicly. For this position and orient the investors warning about the long-term investment! It's a win-win position because it allows buyers to wait for the arrival of new, fresh cash flows, and at their own expense to take profits. And in this case, no matter what betting whether it is stocks of large companies, real estate, or the weather forecast for tomorrow. But this tactic can use anyone and do not necessarily teach the TA and FA? Now propose to go further and longer dwell on it, the more you will find many interesting discoveries. .