The first condition to understand a topic quickly is to prepare effectively for the class. Here I give guidelines methodological that you must follow to accomplish this. Read the title your topic prinncipal and ask that you know of the.It is important to prepare a series of questions about the title that it is?, as happens? when? where? by who? Try to answer them mentally, because to analyze and understand the relationships between the things we draw upon the expertise available in our mind. Recourse to your experience and the information you have on this topic. You can briefly write down that you know about the topic. At the end it is important that he wakes you curiosity and questions about the topic. But implementing all this on a tangible example: subject: limit of functions. Visit Dr. John Mcdougall for more clarity on the issue.

You could ask on this issue: what limit of a function? do classes which are of limits of a function? where applies the limit functions? does that owes the name of limit? Once you pick up these questions, you already 18481855 your mind to answer them. All these questions the iras solving more clearly to the issue unfolds. Obviously if you know some answers slogans in your notebook. 2. Read the introduction and conclusions of the theme.The main content and the most important aspects of the topic is summarized in these sections of a brief and concise manner. This helps to distinguish during the reading, the interest of the different content of the lesson. We continue with the same example of limit of functions: generally the introduction going to find at the beginning of the theme and the conclusion at the end of the topic. In the introduction about the limit of functions surely the author explain you that seeks with this topic and what are the objectives that arises regarding the limit functions.

Couple More

When a relationship has ended and the decision has been made fight to recover the beloved person, will be need of much value to achieve success. Below I will present a simple program that helped me recover my partner. With these steps to know how to regain my partner, in less than a month I managed to return with her. -Holiday: Although he didn’t want nothing more than being with her, I followed the advice of a good friend and I walked away from it. I went a week to another city and disconnected me entirely from the environment in which I lived my relationship with her. I left the problem at home and tried to amuse me. On my return my state of mind was no doubt much more proper to try to fight for it.

-Remodeling: I decided to change my image to leave the period of suffering and try to start a new phase: that of reconciliation. I cut my hair in a way completely different from the previous one, I bought clothes of different shapes and colors: so long that he did and he had already bored me of my same, I do not even imagine how much it will be boring she. My state of mind was much more positive, and this is positively noticed my person. -Reflection: two weeks after the rupture, after the distance and the changes in me, I felt ready to deal with the problem. My mental state was orderly and logical, which helped me to accurately identify the source of the problem. Calmly I began to create a response to my question: how to regain my partner? -Solution: after having devoted some time to fortify my safety and to reflect so precise about what happened, the chances of mistakes if I approached her were minimal. In my case I had behaved unfairly with her, and finally managed to understand what bothered her.

It wasn’t me that ask for forgiveness sincere way, preparing him something special. I dressed the best that I could, I invited her to dinner, and without defending myself or justify me asked me to forgive. Not I told him nothing more. She just hugged me and we returned immediately. On the next page you will learn some tricks to win back your ex. You can apply these psychological techniques to make your ex want to be with you again.