Yellow Pages

I want to also tell them, the bad experience that I had, when I asked for the service of already known Yellow Pages company YELL PERU S.A.C. In 2008 when it signs my contract with this company, by an advertising warning, its cost was of 907 suns. This was in November of year 2007, the 24 of March I went to pay the totality of this amount, and I occurred with the surprise (by fault mine) when not reading the chiquitas letters, that the amount was greater; reason why it only can pay 10 of the 12 quotas. By the way the treatment in box was terrible; they made me feel that my warning was insignificant. But that is the one of less, if I then do not request the unit of the yellow pages, would never have arrived at my hands.

The guides distributed themselves in the building that habit, in Julio of year 2008. Unique supporting that I must of to have paid that sum is one note of enter box. To date never they have given my ten cancelled invoices to me. And now they try that it pays the two to them that lacks without to have given my ten cancelled invoices to me. I have wanted to make public this fact, since fodder that to anybody is due to mistreat to him this way. And reflecting on the possibilities that the world of the Internet offers, I see that it is easier to relate an a to us others.

The publicity is within reach of all, and of a way if it means (but not necessarily) gratuitous. No longer it is dominion of a few, that are created with the right to acquire exorbitant sums, and above to mistreat his clients. We more are by this means we can share our economic activities; we can occur to know easier quickly and. Original author and source of the article